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Protect Clients, Protect Yourself: Why Advanced Email Security Matters

MSPs should offer advanced email security services and stress the importance of their adoption into clients’ cybersecurity portfolio, too.

Phishing Attacks and DocuSign: What MSPs Can Learn From LOTL Tactics

Zix|AppRiver explains how digital attackers launched a phishing campaign in which they abused DocuSign to steal victims’ email account credentials.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program: What MSPs Need to Know

How to navigate the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) for CSP licensing & monthly subscription options. Zix’s advice for MSP partners.

The Six Nastiest Malware of 2021

How MSPs can secure SMB customers from Cobalt Strike, Conti, Dridex, Lemonduck, REvil & Trickbot cyberattacks, according to Webroot.

The Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Model: What MSPs Should Know

How can MSPs sell cybersecurity as a service to small and midsize (SMB) customers? ConnectWise VP Jay Ryerse offers this guidance.

Getting Proactive About Ransomware Security

MSPs must act in anticipation of ransomware or other cyberattack, shifting their approach to include proactive as well as reactive solutions.

How to Build a Strong Security Foundation at Your MSP

What if MSPs could predict the paths an attacker will take — before cyberattacks occur? To do so, leverage the right data, visibility & automation tools.

Surviving Extreme Weather with Natural Disaster Data Recovery

Regardless of location, MSPs need to incorporate natural disaster recovery into their incident response plan to ensure business continuity.

The New Trust Standard: What MSPs and Channel Partners Need to Know

Effectively managing risk calls for a new era of trust, transparency, accountability, social responsibility, resiliency and privacy.

Mental Health and MSPs — It’s Time to Break the Silence

Working in the MSP industry can be really stressful, and it’s important that MSP owners and employees make mental health a priority.