Podcast: Why and How MSPs Should Offer MDR

Credit: Dell Technologies

Just what is MDR, and do managed service providers (MSPs) really need to offer it to their end customers? ChannelE2E spoke with Dell security specialist Dylan Baylosis about this question recently, and he broke down the components of the security that MSPs need to offer to their end clients and how MDR fits into those services.

Baylosis provided an overview of the definition of managed detection and response (MDR). He looked at the question of whether MSPs should build their own solutions or partner with someone else to provide MDR services. He talked about how MDR can be a differentiator for MSPs in their client businesses. Baylosis also talked about working with Dell's MDR service as an MSP. Dell can be flexible to an MSP's needs. MSPs can brand their MDR services as being provided by Dell. Or MSPs can completely own the client relationship with Dell in the background, according to Baylosis.

Here's the podcast:

The podcast covers:

0:00 Introductions
0:38 Dylan Baylosis gives a high-level overview of his role at Dell
1:30 What is managed detection and response (MDR) and why do MSPs need to pay attention to MDR?
2:15 NIST cybersecurity framework creates a “guiding light” for SMBs
2:30 Five areas to focus on to provide a hardened cybersecurity framework
3:00 MDR hits 3 of the 5 pillars in the NIST framework – detect, respond and recover
3:45 MDR is like the security at your house analogy
5:45 What MDR really is6:30 Business benefits of MDR for MSPs
7:40 MDR is a differentiator for MSPs in cybersecurity
8:45 Your options: build your own or partner
10:30 What’s the best way for MSPs to work with Dell on MDR
11:17 What are the differentiators when it comes to different MDR offerings?
12:00 Dell will work with MSPs however they want it: some MSPs don’t want Dell as involved in the end-user interaction
12:47 How MSPs can find out more
13:30 Dell Expert Network service – what it is, how it works with MSPs

You can find more information about Dell MDR here.

Jessica C. Davis

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