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SolarWinds Unveils Consultative Sales Model for ITSM

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SolarWinds, which provides observability and IT management software, has unveiled a new 'consultative' sales model—a strategy that involves personalized advice and tailored solutions—to help enterprises enhance IT service management (ITSM) efficiency.

This model introduces a no-cost evaluation and assessment tool meant to help organizations better understand and refine their ITSM practices without the high costs associated with traditional IT consultancy, the company said.

Introduction of the ITSM Maturity Model

The initiative features a consultative model built around an online tool that provides assessments and tailored strategies for enterprises to optimize their ITSM practices. 

This model is supported by the SolarWinds ITSM Maturity Model, a new framework designed to help IT professionals evaluate and improve their management of increasingly complex IT environments.

Insight from SolarWinds Leadership

Cullen Childress, senior VP of product, SolarWinds, commented:

"Today, IT services are the backbone of every modern enterprise, yet many don't realize the full, strategic potential of ITSM. SolarWinds is proud to offer the best of both worlds: the ease and simplicity of our solutions, complemented by the kind of expert, consultative support typically associated with much higher price tags. Our goal is to demystify the complexities of IT service management, making the journey towards maturity as seamless and straightforward as possible."

Focused Solutions for Evolving IT Challenges

The new service model from SolarWinds is designed to cater specifically to the complexities of modern IT environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud configurations. The approach aims to reduce IT issues while integrating ITSM into broader business strategies to foster growth.

SolarWinds claims that its new strategy offers a more accessible and economically feasible alternative to traditional IT consultancy. This approach aims to deepen enterprises' understanding of their specific needs and challenges, promoting continuous improvement in IT operations, the company said.