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Bellini Capital Company, Compliance Scorecard, Launches Strategic Alliance Program

Continuous compliance

Compliance Scorecard, the Governance-as-a-Service platform created by MSPs for MSPs, has released a new Strategic Alliance Program aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity offerings of each partner and collectively improving their ability to deliver compliance services to managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients.

Vendors in the alliance ecosystem include some big names in the channel like Liongard, FifthWall Cyber Insurance, Auvik and easyDMARC, among others. The program officially launched June 25, 2024.

The Compliance Scorecard program includes a broad spectrum of integrated tools and services to meet ever-changing compliance standards across multiple sectors, including cloud, communication, QBR/vCISO, security, security awareness training and vulnerability management. Alliance partners gain access to diverse services and revenue streams that enable business growth, product enhancement and sustained competitiveness in the market, Tim Golden, Compliance Scorecard's CEO, explained to ChannelE2E.

“Our program is built on curating top-tier solutions from diverse partners, magnifying their effectiveness and facilitating seamless interoperability. And yes, there are tools out there for compliance -- One Trust, Apptega, Drata, Vanta -- but not many, and they aren't specifically MSP tools. Often, those that are tend to be out of the price range of many MSPs,” Golden told ChannelE2E.

Compliance Scorecard is a portfolio company of Bellini Capital, the investment firm owned and operated by ConnectWise founder and former CEO Arnie Bellini. Bellini Capital invests in three areas -- education, environmental conservation and cybersecurity for technology service provider companies.

Other portfolio companies are NineMinds, focusing on bringing AI service desk to MSPs and ConnectSecure, a provider of vulnerability management tools for MSPs. Bellini told ChannelE2E that since his non-compete with ConnectWise has expired at the end of February 2024, he's back to disrupt the MSP market with innovations that have been lacking in the space. That's one of the reasons why Bellini Capital invested in Compliance Scorecard.

Compliance Scorecard's Strategic Alliance Program: Deeper Dive

The Compliance Scorecard Strategic Alliance Program takes MSP-focused tools from alliance partners and curates them into a comprehensive package that MSPs can use to deliver a full range of governance, risk and compliance services to improve end customers' cybersecurity posture and help them meet or exceed compliance and regulatory mandates that apply to their businesses and that of their customers, Golden said.

It also creates an additional service offering and recurring revenue stream for MSPs as statutes are updated and customers must maintain compliance.

In addition to creating upside for partners, Compliance Scorecard’s customers benefit from greater support through third-party integrations along with access to a roster of certified service providers who have expertise in implementing governance and compliance programs, according to the company. MSPs can expand their cybersecurity expertise, elevate their compliance offerings, streamline technical operations and deliver superior service to their clients.

Strategic Alliance Partners benefit from the program's API integration between partner systems and gain access to co-marketing resources, including joint marketing efforts such as webinars, white papers and promotional events to enhance their reach and influence. Strategic Alliance partners can also benefit from revenue-sharing models, including referral programs and licensing agreements to ensure mutual profitability.

"In the channel, we're relational people," Golden said. "We want to better the community, and we do that through these alliances and by bringing our tools together, not only to help the MSP but the small businesses that they support -- and we do that efficiently at scale."