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Veeam and Sophos Announce Strategic Cybersecurity Partnership


Veeam Software, which specializes in Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery, announced a strategic partnership with cybersecurity services firm Sophos.

The partnership aims to integrate Veeam Data Platform with Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR), adding a crucial layer of human-led threat detection and response to enhance the security of business-critical backups, according to the companies.

Bolstering Defenses Against Ransomware

Danny Allan, CTO, Veeam, commented:

“The growing threat of cyberattacks can only be addressed by companies coming together to offer customers more complete and integrated protection. Combining the #1 global leader in data protection and ransomware recovery with the #1 MDR offering provides customers with the most comprehensive cybersecurity protection and recovery on the market today. Keeping businesses running, no matter what happens, is central to Veeam’s overall mission, and by uniting with Sophos to create an end-to-end approach, we take another step in protecting customers from bad actors by strengthening their overall security posture and enabling radical resilience.”

Marty Ward, vice president of technology operations at Sophos, said:

“Active adversaries are remarkably adept at evolving their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), often outpacing the detection capabilities of many organizations... The need for secure backups is paramount, and always-on security operations is imperative in fortifying this business-critical data.”

Mechanism of the Integrated Security Approach

Veeam Data Platform is designed to monitor an organization’s environment, aiming to detect potential threats against customer production workloads and their backup environments. In the event of a detected threat, such as an attacker attempting to tamper with backups, an alert is sent to Sophos MDR. This service provides a 24/7 security team dedicated to identifying and neutralizing complex attacks, including ransomware and network breaches.

The integrated Veeam Data Platform and Sophos MDR solution is anticipated to be available later this year.