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OS33 Launches Secure WaaS for Healthcare, Financial Services MSPs


In the wake of the massive Equifax security breach and recent news that the Yahoo security breach is actually much worse than originally thought, protecting customer data and business data is top of mind for all business owners. Highly regulated industries such as financial services, legal, accounting, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and energy need to be especially cautious due to the sensitive nature of the data they carry.

According to the National Small Business Administration, 50 percent of businesses with 250 or fewer employees have already been attacked by cyber-criminals. Experian even claims that 55 percent of small businesses who have experienced a breach end up having to close within 6 months of the attack. The effects can be far-reaching for large enterprises as well, causing CEO's to resign and consumer trust lost forever.

OS33 Secure Workplaces for Vertical Market MSPs

Managing the regulations required by certain industries can become a daunting task for MSPs. These industries require frequent extensive auditing, security and operational protocols, and other requirements that can take days -- or far longer -- for MSPs to provide.

In an effort to assist MSPs with these tasks, and provide a secure solution to clients, OS33 has introduced the workplace_Provider Program to give managed services providers the opportunity to sell and deliver its comprehensive workplace_solution.

Security and compliance features included in workplace_solution:

  • multi-factor authentication
  • hot/hot disaster recovery
  • seven-year file retention
  • secure web browsing with web filtering
  • endpoint device validation
  • audit tracking

Benefits to workplace_solution for MSPs include the ability to aggregate a company's entire IT infrastructure, including all apps, data, and documents, the company claims. This data can be viewed in a secure digital hub, securely controlled and accessed from any firm-approved mobile device. The company also claims that their offering is a complete package so MSPs don't have to piece together solutions from various sources and vendors to remain compliant.

It's the latest in a growing list of MSP-oriented WaaS solutions -- though many are not purpose build for compliance. Other MSP-friendly WaaS players include Itopia (a close Google Cloud partner), independenceIT, and a recent launch from Ingram, Samsung and Amazon Web Services, among many others.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.