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Nerdio Adds Console Connect, Unified App Manager

Nerdio CRO Joseph Landes at Nerdiocon 2024 Opening Keynote

Nerdio, the software provider for MSPs and enterprises looking to manage and cost-optimize native Microsoft cloud technologies, opened its annual Nerdiocon user conference with announcements around the company’s momentum along with a host of new capabilities for its enterprise and managed service provider partners. Once again, Nerdiocon held its user conference in the tropics, this year in Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic.

Nerdio co-founder and chief revenue officer Joseph Landes told the sold-out audience of 640 attendees at this year’s event (compared to 300 at last year’s event) that Nerdio has grown significantly in the past year.

The following are a few of the data points he shared.

  • Nerdio has grown its MSP partners by more than 120% in the last year. 
  • The company now has 250 enterprise systems integrators as customers.
  • Nerdio has doubled its annual recurring revenues in the past year.
  • The company influences over $225 million of annual Microsoft Azure revenue.
  • Nerdio’s employee numbers doubled in 2023.

Nerdio Adds Host of New Capabilities, Including Remote Control

Nerdio co-founder and CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy offered several technology announcements around the Nerdio Manager for MSP platform (NMM). They include:

  • Console Connect –  This is a remote support capability that lets MSPs connect and support with a remote control session. This is a key component of MSP stacks.
  • Unified application management – this capability is in response to customers wanting to easily deliver applications to virtual desktops. This capability includes a unified application catalog and delivery system. In addition, applications are managed and updated centrally. There is a policy-based delivery of apps across any and all MSP end customers. This is designed to simplify the entire application delivery and lifecycle.
  •  Solution baselines – this is a collection of settings MSPs can control across tools such as Microsoft InTune and Defender for Endpoints and NMM. This capability lets you set settings you want to stay in a desired state across all endpoints. It lets you “monitor configuration drift across your customer base.” It will keep those settings maintained in the desired state.
  • AI – Generative AI assistants that will provide support and take over tasks that MSPs currently perform manually. For instance, if you have a new image backup from a file server, the AI will test that image to ensure it boots up successfully. The AI can validate backup success. The assistant will perform many other repetitive, boring tasks, Vladimirskiy said.
  • Defender for Endpoints – This capability will manage Microsoft Defender for Endpoints and do the monitoring and compliance.
  • Reserved instances management – This capability will provide automatic recommendations as to when reserved instances will provide savings in your environment.

In 2024, Nerdio has the following product initiatives on the agenda:

  • Infuse AI into all products, including machine learning for security. Vladimirskiy said that includes the full breadth of AI and not just generative AI.
  • Continue to innovate with virtual desktop management.
  • Expand Management beyond the Azure infrastructure. That means endpoint management with InTune and security and identity with Microsoft Defender.

Nerdio and MSP automation platform provider Rewst also announced a new integration partnership. Rewst CEO Aharon Chernin made an appearance on the main stage to talk about automation for MSPs. He said some of the top use cases are user onboarding and offboarding, scheduled documentation updates, invoicing/billing consolidation and automated incident response.

Free Training Continues, Expands in 2024

Landes also provided an overview of some of the programs that Nerdio provides to its MSP partners, including “the best education in the ecosystem,” he said.

Nerdio launched a series of MSP training camps 18 months ago that provide free training (sponsored by Microsoft and Blackpoint Cyber). Nerdio pays for hotel and food, and MSPs just need to get themselves to the events. In 2023, the company delivered 12 of these training camps in the U.S. and six outside the U.S.

It’s all part of Nerdio's larger mission.

“When we started, we were all about helping MSPs build successful desktop-as-a-service in the Microsoft cloud,” Vladimirskiy said. “Shortly thereafter, we realized that enterprise companies needed that capability, too, so we expanded our mission to help enterprises.”

“As time went on, MSPs told us they could use help to manage other partners of Microsoft cloud, too, such as endpoints with InTune, and Microsoft 365. Now our mission is to simplify the lives of IT pros and maximize their Microsoft cloud and end-user computing investments.”

Jessica C. Davis

Jessica C. Davis is Editorial Director of CyberRisk Alliance’s channel brands — MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E. She also oversees content and programming for the MSSP Alert Live event. She has spent a career as a journalist covering the business of technology including chips, software, the cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. She previously served as Editor in Chief of Channel Insider and later of MSP Mentor where she was one of the first editors to oversee the creation and vision of the MSP 501 list.