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CompTIA Expands A+ Certification Brand

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CompTIA announced plans to expand its CompTIA A+ brand, adding a new suite of introductory resources to prepare aspiring tech professionals for on-the-job success. The self-paced programs will feature videos, assessments, and hands-on labs.

CompTIA Unveils A+ underscore (_)

The new additions, called CompTIA A+ underscore (_), are technical learning and certificate programs centered around key knowledge domains and in-demand tech jobs, CompTIA said. CompTIA A+_ includes the following areas:

CompTIA A+_cyberCompTIA A+_server
CompTIA A+_networkCompTIA A+_data
CompTIA A+_cloudCompTIA A+_coding

The certificate programs are meant to play three main roles, according to CompTIA:

  1. Helping individuals gain the fundamental introductory knowledge to prosper in a professional training program such as CompTIA Security+.
  2. Allowing people to build their own modular program according to their needs.
  3. Allowing students to cost-effectively test-drive potential tech career paths.

CompTIA A+_: Opening Doors to Opportunities

“CompTIA A+ has served as the gold standard for vendor-neutral technical certification for decades, equipping millions of individuals with confidence, knowledge and skills validation opening doors to employment opportunities and careers success,” said Thomas Reilly, chief product officer, CompTIA. “This expansion continues CompTIA’s forward-looking approach to preparing learners for an increasingly diverse skills-based world.”

The first programs in the CompTIA A+_ series are scheduled for availability in October 2023 and will be delivered on Coursera, an online learning platform with more than 120 million learners globally.