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The New Wave of Channel Marketing: What Partners can Expect in H2 2024

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Guest blog courtesy of OpenText Cybersecurity and written by Jenny Austin.

We’re well into 2024 now and the channel marketing landscape continues to change, thanks to a blend of innovation and connectivity. At OpenText™, we’re not just observers; we’re actively shaping what’s next. 

In this blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the key trends that are set to redefine channel marketing in the second half of the year. We’ll dive into strategic insights and share actionable tactics to enhance your marketing efforts and ensure efficient use of your budget. 

Join us as we navigate through the future of channel marketing and offer guidance and strategies to leverage these upcoming trends to your advantage.  

Reignite the Spark: In-Person Events are Back, for Good 

Oh, how we love the buzz of in-person events! The last few years have been a wild ride, pushing us to get super creative with virtual hangouts. We’ve Zoomed, we’ve streamed, and yes, we’ve even mastered the art of virtual high-fives. But let’s face it, we were all ready to get back into the real world. 

Ready to make your in-person events the talk of the town? Here are some actionable tips: 

Choose Wisely: Throwing open the doors to everyone sounds fun, but aim for an unforgettable conference with a crowd that’s truly interested in what you’re about. Quality over quantity is paramount! 

Go Big in 2024 – Think Beyond the Freebies: Remember that awesome swag bag you once got? You’ll want to go even bigger in 2024 because it’s all about creating connections that stick. Studies by Eventbrite show that events boil down to one simple thing: Connection. Think outside the box — how do you want your peers to feel about your brand? This is a prime opportunity to ignite mutually beneficial conversations and gather feedback about what you’re doing well and what you can improve. 

AI, the Event Planning Wizard: As always, Forrester is on to something. They recently shared how leveraging AI not only improves event planning and productivity but creates an improved attendee experience. Think of it as your backstage pass to flawless event planning. 

From leveraging generative AI to craft event communications and drip campaigns to data analysis once the event has wrapped up, the possibilities of this trend are nearly limitless.  

Bring Back the Buzz: 2024 is the time to wave goodbye to the mundane conference routine and embrace a transformation. Jennifer Grimaldi shares some actionable steps to create a meaningful experience in her podcast with Akilah Murrell from Channel Maven, a part of 360insights. Check it out to learn how to give your next conference a “glow up” and leave attendees buzzing with excitement. 

Make Use of AI, But Don’t Forget the Human Touch 

As AI continues to revolutionize the marketing world, its capabilities stretch well beyond just crafting content or aiding in event organization. A trend taking center stage in 2024 is the use of AI to improve the customer experience. Imagine a customer journey so smooth and personalized, it feels like it’s been tailored just for you. 

As McKinsey points out, AI-enabled client services are the most effective way to drive personalized experiences and enablement. Embracing chatbots and AI-based technology is great but must not come at the cost of humanizing interactions and building trust and loyalty. What’s more, while marketers will leverage AI to analyze consumer data, it should never replace personal insights learned from conversations, events, and in-person meetings. 

The Era of Video and Micro-Influencers has Arrived 

HubSpot’s 2024 State of Marketing Report highlights that social media, a strategy used by 43% of marketers, is the highest ROI marketing channel. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, X, and LinkedIn rank as the top six platforms for social selling. Video will continue to be the fastest-growing format, but all platforms should continue to be covered to reach the multigenerational audience spanning from Boomers to Gen Z. Don’t be afraid to create reels! 

What’s more, influencers, specifically micro in nature, will continue to be excellent partners for B2B marketing and selling solutions. As HubSpot shares, working with small influencers is not only more cost-effective but correlates to long-term partnerships and offers access to loyal and engaged communities.  

Tech Savviness Makes Marketing Heroes 

Digital marketing and technology are like the dynamic duo, opening up a universe of opportunities. Think about it: marketing automation software is the superhero that helps businesses zoom through their marketing tasks, saving heaps of time and money along the way. And then there’s data analytics, the trusty sidekick, offering invaluable insights and helping craft messages that hit the bullseye. Together, they’re revolutionizing the way we connect with our audience. 

As Gartner shares, in an age where the digital world is the cornerstone of connection, our approach to communication needs to transcend traditional methods. It’s not only about augmenting existing relationships; it’s about forging new ones — with employees, business partners, and social influencers alike. Viewing every online interaction as an opportunity to build meaningful connections and provide insightful, educational content tailored for the future of marketing. 

Final Thoughts 

Harnessing the full potential of your marketing efforts is integral to not only your success but that of your partners and customers alike. You have the strategies and the tools—now it’s time to take action! 

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