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Pilixo (Those Ex-Kaseya Guys) Build MSP Replay

Pilixo Corp., launched by former Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie, is getting ready to unveil a new tool for managed services providers (MSPs), ChannelE2E has learned. The new offering, called MSP Replay, includes video replay capabilities that help IT service providers to troubleshoot and fix customer issues far more rapidly, Pilixo claims.

Michael Sanders

MSP Replay leverages Pilixo's Bodi technology. The concept is straightforward: Instead of trying to guess how and when an end-user PC suddenly tanked, MSP Replay will allow service desk technicians to watch a video replay of the end-user's movements on the PC. Basically, the service technician gets a first-hand view of the end-user experience -- an instant replay of how the PC's performance went awry, and what activity may have caused it.

MSP Replay is expected to cost about $3.50 per user per month, and will store roughly seven days of user data in Pilixo's cloud. It sounds like Pilixo will officially announce MSP Replay with initial product and service details sometime this month (December 2015).

MSP Replay Launch Details, Strategy

Mike Sanders, chief revenue officer at Pilixo, confirmed MSP Replay to ChannelE2E today.

"It's a pretty simple thesis: When it comes to helping technicians to more rapidly close a trouble ticket, there hasn't been a lot of advancement in the IT market," he says. "MSP Replay is designed to let technicians see what really happened on a system, and that will lead to faster issue resolutions."

While MSP Replay is ready for service providers, enhancements are already under development. Chief among them: Video thumbnails that align with an event log, so you can match log events to specific moments in time on video. On the privacy front, MSP Replay will alert end-users when MSPs are remotely watching their systems. Next up, MSP Replay will give end-users the ability to block admins from watching PC session recordings.

Pilixo's MSP Replay Research, Integrations

Pilixo emerged from stealth mode earlier this year and has quietly developed a cloud-based management platform that has a range of potential uses. Numerous Kaseya veterans are at the cloud startup.

Sanders and Blackie spent recent months meeting with MSPs and industry organizations like TruMethods -- gathering feedback and discussing potential use cases for the company's initial software. The company's first two offerings are called Bodi (for corporate compliance) and Curo:Mac (for Mac OS support). But there are also potential IoT and big data use cases.

And now, there's MSP Replay. The management tool doesn't compete with traditional RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools. Instead, Pilixo is seeking to integrate with those products.

FYI: You won't see MSP Replay on Pilixo's home page just yet. But I'd expect details there sometime this month (December 2015). Or check in with Sanders for more details.

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