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AI PCs Offer Big Opportunities for MSPs, say AI PC Vendors

Canalys projects that 60% of PCs shipped by 2027 will be AI-capable, disrupting the existing tech landscape and breathing new life into PC sales, according to a just-released study. For managed service providers and the channel, an AI PC boom means new opportunities.   

Meanwhile, AI computer makers -- HP, Lenovo, Dell and Microsoft --  are ratcheting up promises that AI-infused PCs will play a crucial role in the distribution and implementation of new service opportunities for MSPs and channel customers. Those new opportunities include enhanced productivity and new efficiencies to help companies drive competitive advantages within businesses.

Channel Futures quoted Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in a Monday story where he said Intel expects to sell more than 40 million AI PC CPUs by the end of 2024.

For MSPs, AI PCs represent a complex, consultative opportunity, helping businesses navigate the myriad decisions involved in upgrading to these new systems, explained Techaisle in a March blog post. From assessing the right timing and suitability of AI PCs within existing IT environments to addressing potential compatibility issues, MSPs are critical in ensuring a smooth transition.

The adoption of AI PCs is just about upgrading hardware, experts said, but also about integrating AI-driven applications that can substantially enhance business operations. These applications require more powerful systems to function effectively, and MSPs are tasked with illustrating how AI PCs can deliver tangible business outcomes and returns on investment.