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Kaseya 365 Subscription Debuts at $3.99

Fred Voccola introduces Kaseya 365 at Kaseya Connect 2024

In a move that could change the economics of operating a managed service provider business, Kaseya introduced a new subscription-based offering at low prices for its full lineup of products that MSPs use to manage, secure, backup and automate all client environments.

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola announced the Kaseya 365 platform during his keynote address at Kaseya Connect. This was the big announcement that Kaseya has teased for the last six months.

The pricing represents a big drop and may put competitive pressure on other vendors. Kaseya 365 is priced at $3.99 per endpoint per month and an Express version that comes without MDR is provided at a price of $1.75 per endpoint per month.

The subscription for Kaseya 365 includes RMM, antivirus, EDR, MDR, patch management, ransomware rollback and endpoint backup. Kaseya said the all-in-one solution includes 20 core automations to significantly enhance workflow efficiency and reduce errors.

Kaseya's All-in-One Value Proposition

For several years Kaseya has promoted its value proposition as this: It provides a single platform that incorporates all the functions MSPs need for their businesses. Now it’s rolling all that up into a single subscription-based offering for a discount price.

Voccola pointed out several times during his keynote, in the lead up to the announcement, that many SMBs decide to opt out of advanced cybersecurity because they don’t want to pay for it. That leaves SMBs vulnerable to an ever-increasing threat landscape. Voccola said that today’s announcement means that SMBs will be able to find room in their budgets to pay for cybersecurity.

Kaseya's Five-Part Partner-First Pledge

In addition to Kaseya 365, Voccola also announced what it is calling its “Partner First Pledge.” It rebuts some of the complaints and objections that partners have expressed about Kaseya in industry forums such as Reddit. The pledge includes the following:

  • All products are offered in one-year and three-year agreements. “While the option has always been offered, one-year contracts will now be more in line with multi-year contract pricing to give partners more affordability with the adaptability of shorter-term commitments.”
  • FLEXSpend. Kaseya launched FLEXSpend for Backup last year to let partners switch between Kaseya’s suite of backup solutions without having to spend again. The program is designed to let partners eliminate risk and tailor their offerings to clients’ needs, Kaseya said. Kaseya announced it will expand the program to its entire portfolio, letting partners reallocate their spend from one product to another, regardless of suite, to keep up with the evolving needs of the market.
  • Catastrophic Client Loss Protection. If a partner MSP loses a large client, Kaseya will now allow customers to modify or amend their contracts to account for a significant client loss so they can better navigate difficult times.
  • Price Lock Guarantee. This announcement appears targeted at the compliants across the MSP market in recent years about large price increases from the vendors who serve MSPs. This Kaseya guarantee locks in pricing paid for its solutions and caps any increase in current customers’ product pricing to a maximum of 5% at renewal, plus any adjustments necessary for inflation tied to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Month-to-Month Contracts for Datto BCDR: With the reintroduction of month-to-month contracts for BCDR, partners can now purchase new Datto BCDR subscriptions or renew an existing contract on a month-to-month schedule that allows them to respond to the changing needs of clients in a manner that protects profitability and respects the evolving landscape of BCDR.
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