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Calix Support Cloud Offers IT Services for Homes, Consumer Devices

Home network complexity increases each day. Yesterday's networks had to support a few computers, maybe a printer here and there, or a gaming system. Now the network needs to support computers, mobile devices, streaming devices, IoT devices, cloud storage devices, and more. A small family of four people can have as many as 50 devices running through their network.

Many consumers don't know where to turn for home IT and network support. Often they will contact their Internet service provider for support, only to be disappointed with limited ISP support services.

Calix wants to bridge that gap by offering a new service called Calix Support Cloud.

The company's goal is to improve and transform how service provider customer service representatives (CSRs) support today’s hyper-connected, device dependent subscriber. If CSPs can improve the connected home experience, service providers will likely reducing customer churn, improving subscriber satisfaction, and minimizing on-going support costs, Calix asserts.

Calix Support Cloud: How it works

Calix's support services include:

  • SmartCheck – The system will scan a subscribers' home network allowing CSRs to quickly identify issues with devices and analyze the health of the entire WiFi network.
  • Recommendations engine – Support Cloud will take the data collected from the SmartCheck and provide CSRs a dashboard to flag issues and help them fix many problems like having a "slow internet"
  • Remote support and visibility – The ability to see into a subscriber's WiFi network Support Cloud can help make CSRs more efficient, which can save the company money by eliminating the need to deploy a technician onsite.

Perspectives From A Help Desk Veteran

Speaking from my experience running an IT service desk, it is so much easier when a support professional can actually see the network and the issues therein. When you have to rely on what the customer is telling you, it can cause confusion and frustration for both parties. Often a customer doesn't know enough about technology to really explain the actual problem they face. If the problem is anything beyond whether or not the home actually has Internet access, there really hasn't been a lot that CSRs will do.

My friends know my background, and may of them will call me for home support tips and troubleshooting. So I've seen the market need for improved consumer support.

So far, service provider support tools and processes have not kept pace with the explosion of bandwidth-hungry, WiFi connected devices in today’s home. Subscriber experience has suffered while expectations for quick and personalized support have continued to rise.

Calix claims that using Support Cloud will result in improved support center metrics such as shorter average call handling time, increased first call resolution (FCR), reduced onsite visits, and higher overall subscriber satisfaction. I'm curious to see how that all works out.