Jan Spring, Nancy Williams Take Flight At Carvir (NeverPayTheRansom)

Nancy Williams and Jan Spring

Nancy Williams and Jan Spring

eFolder channel veterans Jan Spring and Nancy Williams are joining Carvir to promote anti-malware, anti-ransomware and endpoint security solutions to partners — including MSPs. Williams confirmed the new positions in an email to ChannelE2E.

Spring is wrapping up work with eFolder. She will transition on April 1 and thereafter act as Carvir’s channel chief while also working closely with Robin Robins’ Technology Marketing Toolkit on various events for 2017. Williams joins Carvir as director of channel development, effective March 1. Both channel experts recently pursued transition plans from eFolder as part of that company’s decision to centralize most executive operations and leadership in Denver, Colo.

When chatter about the eFolder changes surfaced at a conference in January 2017, Spring and Williams were “quickly approached” by Jay Ryerse to “talk” about his new venture. MSP veterans Drew Sanford and Ryerse launched Carvir in 2016, Williams indicated.


Jay Ryerse

Carvir focuses on behavior-based threat detection to safeguard data from advanced malware, exploits, drive-bys and script-based attacks that traditional, signature based anti-virus technology and sandboxing solutions in Windows, Apple and Linux environments, according to the company’s Website. Prevention starts with silent monitoring of all user- and kernel-space activity on the endpoint. The company’s prevention platform secures endpoint devices (servers, workstations and laptops) for full endpoint protection, Carvir asserts.

Among the core focus areas: Stopping and/or mitigating malware attacks. Carvir’s URL (carvir.net) redirects to a rather catchy URL: www.NeverPayTheRansom.com.

New Company, Familiar Community

Joining Carvir allows Spring and Williams to continue working and serving the channel ecosystem, which helps “make our work so much fun and fulfilling,” says Williams. “We will also be representing a product that we feel very confident will become a mandatory and profitable part of many, if not most, MSP offerings. We are thrilled to be in at the ground floor level of this startup.”

Spring and Williams have lived parallel lives in the IT channel. They met in 2008 at Jeff Middleton’s SBS Migration Conference in New Orleans.  “We quickly became friends and knew we would make a great team,” Williams says. “That came to fruition in 2013 when I was hired by eFolder. The rest is pretty much history.”

And now, history is set to repeat itself at Carvir.


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    Brian Sherman:

    Best wishes to two of the channel’s most respected, successful professionals!

      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you Brian. I hope I run into you soon. It has been way too long.

    Regina Ciardiello:

    Congrats to both Nancy and Jan! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with them on various editorial/public relations projects, and they are true professionals. Carvir is lucky to have them both!

      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you Regina. How are those beautiful babies doing? Would love to catch up one of these days.

    Erick Simpson:

    Congratulations, Jan and Nancy – Carvir is lucky to have such a dynamic duo!

      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you E. I’m so excited to know that I am going to see you tomorrow

    David Shaffer:

    Here’s to one of the best Channel Teams EV-ahh.

      Nancy Williams:

      Thanks buddy. Watch your head. As the article says we are flying so that means objects will land …….😜

    Jay Tipton:


      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you Jay. I look forward to seeing you in May in Nashville

    Joe Balsarotti:

    Best wishes to both. Nancy, you still owe me a drink 😉

      Nancy Williams:

      I’m on it Joe. You just have to find me. Hint: I just landed in Atlanta. 😁

    Dave Stufflebeam:

    I am so happy for both Nancy and Jan… Having met both Jan and Nancy at the same event they met each other, and working with them through my time at StorageCraft as well as eFolder, I couldn’t be more excited for them.

    Congratulations and best wishes,

      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you Stuff. We sure miss you. We were a trio for a long time and oh the good times we had. Many more to surface. Talk to you soon buddy. Hugs! ❤

    AJ Singh:

    Congrats to everyone! I heard you guys are at ChannelPro. See you in Atlanta!!

    Fred W Holzsager:

    Congratulations to Jay and Drew for swinging Jan and Nancy. eFolder’s loss is your win. Best of luck to Jan and Nancy. It wouldn’t be a complete conference if Jan did not approach me for my business card. I look forward to seeing all of you in May at Boot Camp.

      Nancy Williams:

      Thank you Fred,
      We look forward to seeing you at Bootcamp. Don’t forget your business cards. 🙂

    Jim Bird:

    Congrats, Nancy! It is good to see that you continue to thrive and seek excellence in all that you do!

    Kevin Hoffman:

    Jan and Nancy, it was incredible working with both of you over the many years! It has been an amazing journey, you were the heart and soul of the eFolder brand as we grew exponentially together, and gave us an incredibly solid foundation to build upon. Jan, you will always be remembered as an early founder of eFolder, who joined when we were just a handful of people, and you believed in the cause like no other!! It was a one-of-a-kind adventure. I’m very glad we’ll continue to see each other often as we serve the MSPs we both love and know. Carvir is lucky to have you!

    Stuff, it was awesome working together as well, from the early years onwards when we were first launching the BDR. Thank you for the many years we worked together, it was always top notch and fun! –Kevin

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