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Locking the Back Door (Part 4 of ‘Why Don’t You Go Dox Yourself?’)

In part four of this series, Cisco’s Zoe Lindsay explains how to lock down your accounts to protect against back door access.

The Four Lenses of Resilience and What They Mean for Security

Study your financial, operational, supply chain and organizational resilience to improve business integrity, according to Cisco Systems.

What is IT Systems Documentation?

Countless MSPs fall behind when it comes to accurate, automated documentation. Liongard explains how to get documentation right.

RTO Vs. RPO: What is the Difference?

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ConnectWise explains the fundamental differences between RTO and RPO and the importance of each metric in your disaster recovery plan.

M&A List: Office Equipment Dealer & Managed Print Services Acquisitions

List of merger & acquisition (M&A) deals involving office equipment dealers, managed print services, multi-function printer (MFP) & copier resellers & more.

5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business

Don’t fall for one of these sales myths! Kendra Lee offers sales advice that dispels preconceived notions and unlocks new opportunities.

Ransomware Attacks Can and Will Shut Down Schools, Colleges and Universities

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MSPs can leverage managed EDR to free up SOC (security operations center) teams & mitigate ransomware cyberattack risks vs. the education sector.

Securing the Cloud is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Cisco and AWS demonstrate shared responsibility that identifies security “of” the cloud versus security “in” the cloud.

5G and Security: Are You Ready For What’s Coming?

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It’s easy to see the risks that come with 5G. Capgemini belives organizations should put a security plan in place now.

3 Revenue-Generating Strategies to Grow Your SMB

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New business development sounds hard. But KLA Group’s Kendra Lee has three proven strategies that will grow your SMB.