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Scale Computing Launches Secure Link to Improve Security MSP Security

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Scale Computing is looking to improve security for MSPs and distributed computing environments with the launch of Secure Link for its Scale Computing Fleet Manager platform.

Secure Link is a new feature that will provide cloud-like simplicity for administrators, giving them secure remote management access for complete control of their edge deployments with the click of a button from any browser and device, without the need for expensive or complex remote access solutions, the company asserts.

Simplifying Remote Monitoring

Currently, IT staff need to be on the same network as a cluster in order to access the HyperCore U. When the IT admin is offsite, they need to find a way to gain access to the 'remote network' in order to perform HyperCore management. The task of remote monitoring has been simplified with Scale Computing.

Secure Link solves this problem by allowing IT teams and MSPs to gain complete management access to all of their edge deployments.

Instead of managing individual deployments, the Fleet Manager platform (often stylized as “SC/Fleet Manager”) allows users to see and manage their entire fleet at once from an intuitive cloud-based console, the company said. Any problems across the fleet are highlighted automatically, and if there is an issue, IT administrators can drill down into a specific cluster to further diagnose and fix the problem.

Secure Link: Added Benefits

Scott Loughmiller, chief product officer and co-founder, Scale Computing
Scott Loughmiller, chief product officer and co-founder, Scale Computing

Scott Loughmiller, chief product officer and co-founder, Scale Computing, commented:

"Unlike competitive solutions where accessing edge deployments requires on-cluster or VPN network setup, or traditional VPN access to local management software, SC//Fleet Manager's Secure Link is ready for use out-of-the-box. This tight integration also eliminates the risk associated with manual setup and maintenance of traditional remote management tools. Edge computing deployments no longer require costly and cumbersome VPNs, which present another attack surface, when they manage their workloads and infrastructure with SC//Fleet Manager."

Some of the new benefits included in SC/Fleet Manager Secure Link are:

  • Security Benefits
  • No manual configuration required (eliminating misconfiguration risk)
  • Secure Link is opened outbound by the cluster requiring no inbound ports to be opened
  • Secure Link closes automatically upon session closing
  • Secure Link encrypts all data
  • No network traffic from the edge deployment can traverse Secure Link
  • Both Fleet Manager and Hypercore authentication are required to access the edge deployment

SC/Fleet Manager and Secure Link is priced based on the number of clusters under management, the company said.