Top 10 Salesforce Cloud Consulting, Implementation and Deployment Partners

At first glance, Salesforce is the poster child for self-service cloud applications. But take a closer look and you’ll notice hundreds of Salesforce consulting partners that help customers to implement, configure and optimize the CRM platform and sister clouds.

Note: An updated list for 2019 is posted here.

Which Salesforce implementation partners are the best of the bunch? A Q3 2017 Forrester Wave report attempted to answer that question. Forrester’s 35-criteria evaluation narrowed the market down to 10 — actually, make that 11 — implementation partners. Then, the research firm grouped those consulting and deployment teams into four categories:

  • Leaders: Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM lead the pack.
  • Strong Performers: PwC, Wipro, Salesforce itself, Cognizant and TCS offer competitive options.
  • Contenders: Capgemini and NTT Data.
  • Challengers: Tech Mahindra.

Each of those companies generate at least $50 million annually from Salesforce-related implementation and project work, according to Forrester. Moreover, each of those companies has at least 50 customers with revenues of over $1 billion. Finally, each of the consulting firms has at least 500 professionals focused on Salesforce, Forrester adds.

A Closer Look: Salesforce Consulting Leaders

Among the key findings from Forrester:

  • Accenture stands out with scale, breadth, depth, and focus on transformation. With approximately 8,000 practitioners working primarily on Salesforce projects and thousands more working partly on them, Accenture is the largest provider of Salesforce services globally, the researcher said.
  • Deloitte is one of the largest and most global salesforce partners, with more than 4,400 Salesforce practitioners across more than 30 countries, Forrester asserted.
  • IBM had been a late entrant to the Salesforce market and a smaller, still-emerging partner until it acquired one of the largest and longest-standing specialists, Bluewolf, in early 2016, Forrester notes.

Salesforce Consulting: Strong Performers

Here, Forrester notes:

  • PwC combines world-class consulting with Salesforce technology skills. Long regarded as a preeminent strategy consultant and a top choice for business transformation, PwC has quickly evolved into a partner that can combine business, experience, and technology into meaningful business solutions for clients, Forrester says.
  • Wipro significantly boosted its Salesforce capabilities with the October 2016 acquisition of Appirio (item 17 here). Wipro now has more than 1,000 practitioners dedicated to Salesforce work and tens of thousands of resources it can tap into in areas such as business consulting, analytics, IoT, and integration, Forrester asserts.
  • Salesforce has its own services arm, which offers capabilities unmatched by any of its ecosystem partners, but is not as good a choice as the ecosystem partners for broader business consulting, the researcher says.
  • Cognizant can handle complex Salesforce work, especially in healthcare and finance. With more than 3,000 Salesforce-skilled practitioners, the company’s expertise spans Salesforce Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and App Cloud, Forrester says.
  • TCS has Salesforce know-how in newer areas like the Internet of Things. The company is a longstanding partner with technology skills across all major Salesforce clouds except for Commerce Cloud. It has more than 1,500 practitioners working mostly or fully on salesforce projects, Forrester notes.

Salesforce Consulting: Contenders

Here, Forrester points to:

  • Capgemini, which has deeper expertise in Europe and the financial services sector. The company has more than 3,000 Salesforce practitioners, hired and trained organically and added through M&A, Forrester notes.
  • NTT DATA is a global partner with extensive experience in small to midsize deals. Still, the company is one of the smaller salesforce providers to qualify for this year’s evaluation, with approximately 1,000 practitioners working mostly on Salesforce projects worldwide, Forrester says.

Salesforce Consulting: Challengers

  • Tech Mahindra has a Salesforce practice of more than 1,200 pros mostly focused on complex, multiyear technical work related to Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and App Cloud.

That’s the list. But of course, there are scores of additional Salesforce partners that are marching forward in growth mode — and quite a few looking to get acquired.

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    Shashikant Tiwari:

    I recommend you to add Girikon in your list.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Shashikant: Congrats on your role as an SEO specialist at Girikon. Now, can you describe why the company ranks among top Salesforce consulting firms?

        Shashikant Tiwari:

        Girikon is a salesforce silver partner who rank top on AppExchange as a most popular salesforce consultants. Girikon is oracle gold partner, microsoft silver application partner and have certifications like ISO27001, ISO9001, HIPAA Compliant. That’s the reason i requested you to add girikon in your list.

    Aliyah Michle:

    You can include Algoworks, they are registered consulting partner of Salesforce and remains on top position in most popular consultants on AppExchange.

    Nikita Sawant:

    Salesforce companies have a lot to live up to, with Salesforce being one of the best CRM companies in the world. Getting a Salesforce implementation right is pivotal, as one of the leading Salesforce consulting services, Cymetrix Software does. The company has provided small to medium businesses with end-to-end Salesforce services.


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    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: Thanks for the continued links to key Salesforce partners. We read all comments, and look forward to covering each business as news emerges. Please be sure to send me news updates involving business milestones, strategic partnerships, customer wins, new hires, promotions, etc.

    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    EVP, After Nines Inc.
    [email protected]

    Peter Ryan:

    For those looking for an alternative to the large global system integrators please take a look at CloudMasonry. We are a full-service Salesforce consulting services provider with over a decade of implementation experience.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Peter: Please keep us posted on CloudMasonry’s business moves, etc. Email me updates for potential coverage on ChannelE2E: [email protected]. Thanks.

    Dennis Mikhailov:


    Cloudsquare would love to be a part of this list.

    Cloudsquare’s unique approach is helping companies get more from Salesforce. Every project starts with discovery to help definite your ideal process, which will allow you to become more efficient and productive. Once the process is in place, we add workflow to have Salesforce guide you every step of the way. Finally, we add automation to increase productivity and have the platform work for you. We have a 5 Star AppExchange rating with over 100 projects under our belts.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Dennis: Thanks for your readership and heads up about Cloudsquare’s work in the Salesforce ecosystem. We’re prepping some related coverage in the days ahead and will keep Cloudsquare in mind.

    Rob Morris:

    Joe, you may want to check our G2Crowd ( as they say Simplus is the best Salesforce Consulting firm (and since Salesforce has personally invested in Simplus 4 times (twice as many times as any other consulting partner) I think Salesforce agrees!

    Also we have the most 5-star reviews of all the partners on the AppExchange and the top 1% in CSAT (and best for anyone with a large amount of projects).

    If that was not enough we are #1 in CPQ implementations (with more than all other partners combined) and were the fastest partner ever to go Platinum and Top Strategic Systems Integrator and soon the fastest to be a Global Strategic partner (once we grow to be truly global).

    Joe Panettieri:

    Rob: Thanks for your readership and comment. I’m a fan of G2 Crowd’s business model but I’m also careful not to hype their findings.

    My reasoning: Many of G2 Crowd’s rankings are based on very, very few user reviews. The category you mention ranks some vendors based on as few as 11 users. I don’t think that’s a credible sample size. But I do think it’s at least a starting point that can assist readers as they pursue and evaluate software solutions.

    Rob Morris:

    Joe the other facts still stand true even if the G2Crowd rankings are not enough. We lead in almost every client satisfactory category. The only downside to us is our size (350 employees) but through acquisition and organically that will drastically change in the future as it has in the past.

    As far as level of service there is no other partner that can claim our accolades.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Rob: Thanks for the additional background. I will keep Simplus in mind as we continue to cover the Salesforce partner ecosystem.

    Shruti Yadav:

    Recently I got the opportunity to work with the Salesforce Partner called Gravity Infosolutions. They have an amazing team
    and they demonstrated true values in terms of customer success. They can ve visited on


    Hi Joe,
    Forrester is obviously a very trusted source of information, however, not the only one. Check Clutch Leaders Matrix ( to find more reputable Salesforce consultants. TOP-5 consists of:
    1. Core Value Inc.
    2. ScienceSoft
    3. Itransition
    4. Vertiba
    5. Bluewolf


    Hey Joe,

    Have a look at Maxify Digital (parent company Innotion Technologies). We are Salesforce consultants focused in Aviation industry. We have done deep transformation projects for airline customers and are going to come out with some very domain specific products on salesforce. Would love to connect with you and be part of the list.


    Jeff Hatfield:

    I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you partner with any Computer Telephony Integrator’s within the Salesforce community? If not, I would like to setup some time with the appropriate contact from your side to see if we may be a fit?

    AMC Technology has been around since 1995 and we were the first to integrate into Salesfroce from a CTI standpoint. AMC Technology also has the most deployments in the world and we are an innovator in this space. One of the biggest differentiation between AMC and our competitors is that we offer Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid solutions. The benefit here is that customers with a legacy telephony environment can continue to leverage their existing systems and add digital channels (Cloud APP’s) through our solutions because of our Hybrid approach.

    Please let me know if this is something your customers would benefit from, thanks.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Jeff: Thanks for your note and readership. I’m not sure if your note was specifically for ChannelE2E’s editorial team or for our readers. Feel free to email me news, updates, etc., about AMC Technology. We cover the market closely and look forward to ongoing updates.


    Joe [at] AfterNines [dot] com
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E

    Yaswanth Kumar:

    Hi Joe,
    Please add Dhruvsoft, It is a Salesforce & Zoho CRM, Netsuite ERP Consulting, Implementation & Application Development Company. we are Salesforce Cloud Alliance partners, we provides Salesforce outsourcing services to ISV partners, Consulting partners, small and mid size business and large IT vendors. Our service portfolio includes CRM Implementation & Support, App Development, Salesforce Integratin, Mobile Application Development, Consulting, Offshore Outsourcing and Technical Staffing.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Yaswanth: Thanks for the follow-up. We’ll check in with various market research firms and pull together an updated list soon. Thanks for resurfacing this on my “to do” list.


    Hi, thanks for the list and i would recommend adding Sixconsultingcorp.


    Do you have any salesforce contract jobs in USA – [email protected]

    Rob Morris:

    Sort the Salesforce AppExchange Partners by rating and you will see Simplus is #1 (also # 1 on G2Crowd) and for CPQ/billing undisputed #1.

    Amanda Greathouse:


    Acumen Solutions is one of the 8 Global Strategic Partners with Salesforce and the #1 choice for the Federal Government/Public Sector. Hard to believe we didn’t make the initial list as a GSP. You can find us at


    Ankur Sinha:

    Hey Joe,

    Hope you are doing great!!!

    Please add HIC Global Solutions on your list.

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    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for your comments. The list above is based on 2017 observations from Forrester. More recently, we’ve published a 2019 list of Forrester findings here. Comments on the blog above are therefore closes.