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Sourcepass Launches Regional Division in Northeastern US

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In a move to increase regional client support and contribute to the broader community, Sourcepass, an IT Services & Cybersecurity provider, has announced the inception of a new Regional Division in the northeastern United States.

Key Appointments and Collaborations

Alan Bauman, who previously held a position as the founding partner of CompuWorks in Pittsfield, MA, a firm that was recently integrated into Sourcepass, will take on the responsibility of VP of the Northeast, the company said.

Bauman's new role will focus on harmonizing efforts between Client Success and Operations teams, particularly in conjunction with Sourcepass' Easthampton, MA branch. 

This collaboration is aimed at amplifying service delivery throughout New England and upstate New York.

Charitable Commitments

Sourcepass is aiming to be a pivotal philanthropic contributor in the area. The company’s Sourcepass Community Impact Foundation will assist 37 charitable organizations in Western Massachusetts, according to the firm. 

This year, the foundation has aided 37 charitable organizations in Western Massachusetts. Additionally, Sourcepass has contributed to the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce for their WorkHub on Union project, a planned co-working space designed to provide resources for local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Community Initiatives: Leadership Insight

Alan Bauman, Founding Partner, CompuWorks and VP of Northeast, Sourcepass, commented:

"Sourcepass' exceptional IT services and community initiatives have become well known, and I'm excited to further build on this momentum. We look forward to expanding our presence in our communities and growing local jobs in western Massachusetts to the benefit of the entire region."

Chuck Canton, CEO and Founder, Sourcepass, said:

"The CompuWorks acquisition further strengthens our expertise in the region and positions us as the largest and most capable managed IT services and security provider in Western Massachusetts. And we have extended our dedication by committing $15mm to the region over the next five years to invigorate job creation and elevate community well-being."

Sourcepass’ Growth Plans

While Sourcepass is growing its support within the region, the company has also been growing through acquisitions.

Specific deals from the company include: