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Rewst Unveils App Automation Platform for MSPs

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Robotic process automation platform Rewst has unveiled App Platform, a low-code application builder for designing apps that enables end users to interact with Rewst-generated workflows, forms, and data. App Platform is an extension of Rewst’s Automation Platform that the company said helps MSPs differentiate themselves through engaging front-end experiences.

MSPs often cobble together processes to deliver services and support customers, but the end result is a mix of disparate tools and data that requires manual effort, drains productivity, erodes margins and can impact customer satisfaction. Rewst’s Automation Platform connects an MSP’s existing tools and allows users to visually design workflows and forms that automate end-to-end processes, the company said in a statement. While forms can be linked to workflows to trigger automations, there are additional scenarios where employees and customers need to interact directly with workflows, forms, and data to accomplish specific tasks.

App Platform's low-code environment is designed for MSPs to extend workflow automations with an MSP-branded front-end. Users can design app screens or pages by dragging and dropping UI components, such as text blocks, images, buttons, data tables, grid containers, forms, workflow inputs, and more. They can also theme their apps with the MSP’s logo, color palette, and typography, and host them on custom subdomains to provide a fully white-labeled experience.  

With App Platform, MSPs can build various internal and customer-facing apps, such as cross-platform analytics, customer self-service, on-call schedule management, client onboarding, and more, Rewst said in the statement. These apps can uniquely interact with Rewst-generated workflows, forms, and data. Examples include:

  • Dynamically generating page content – a workflow could return a list of open tickets from the PSA system, and App Platform could then populate the results in a data table
  • Visualizing data returned by workflows – App Platform’s chart widgets could display internal SLAs (e.g. ticket response times, time to close) on a dashboard within an app
  • Listing or embedding forms on pages – when a customer’s HR manager logs in to an app, they could see only forms accessible to the HR role, such as user onboarding/offboarding
  • Triggering workflows from page elements – an end user could click a ‘New Ticket’ button within an app, automatically kicking off the designated workflow in Rewst

“Rewst’s Automation Platform is the de-facto standard for MSPs to automate processes across their tools,” said Aharon Chernin, CEO and founder of Rewst. “But right now, it works behind the scenes. Any visible output of an automation goes to another product, like your PSA or chat system. App Platform changes that. We made a system that lets you drag and drop web page elements and create an entire site or ‘app,’ where the MSP and clients can log in and interact with your automation."

Additional features of App Platform include:

  • Theme Picker – Set your desired color palette and typography. Upload a logo to automatically generate color options or access the underlying HTML/CSS for full control
  • Granular access controls – Grant access to specific apps and pages both at the user and organization level, or create custom access roles
  • App Authentication – Create login flows supporting multiple authentication methods, including Entra ID and Google

Availability of App Platform

Rewst will release an alpha version of App Platform to select customers before the end of 2023. A beta release will roll out to all customers in early 2024.