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RapidAscent’s Cyber Security Apprenticeship Program Earns California State Recognition

RapidAscent, Inc. (RA), an educational apprenticeship organization, announced today its official endorsement by the State of California for its Cyber Security Apprenticeship Program. 

This program is part of RA's efforts to provide vocational training and career development for veterans in the U.S.

Affiliation with CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech Network

RA is a member of the CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech network, a national initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL). 

Led by the American Institutes for Research in partnership with CompTIA, the project aims to create tech employment opportunities for individuals transitioning from military service and simultaneously assists employers with their tech staffing needs.

RA's newly developed program incorporates tools and funds such as SkillBridge, The Good Jobs Grant, and corporate backing. This allows veterans exiting the military to acquire skills in the cybersecurity sector without incurring educational expenses, the company said.

RapidAscent Building Skills: Additional Commentary

Mike Lyons, Co-Founder, RapidAscent, commented:

"With a steadily increasing need for cybersecurity professionals, RapidAscent’s programs create operational skills in cybersecurity.”

Craig Schultz, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, RapidAscent, stated:

“Our collaboration with California businesses is a step towards our goal of offering cyber career apprenticeship opportunities. These programs are designed to provide companies with candidates whose skills align with job requirements.”

Reaching Out to Veterans in California

This comes at a time when U.S. employers listed over 12,000 job postings for information security analysts in August, a 19% increase from July. 

Through this initiative, RA plans to connect with veterans in California, offering them skill-building opportunities in the cybersecurity field.