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Pia Adds New Automation Features for MSPs, Revamps Partner Portal

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IT services automation provider Pia has made it possible for managed services providers (MSPs) to modify aiDesk automation packages for special client requests by rolling out a new feature. Pia also revamped its partner portal, launched Pia Ideas, and made several other enhancements to its platform, according to a statement from the Australian company. 

Pia Adds New Automation Features

The new Extension Automations feature allows MSPs to modify aiDesk’s automation packages for unique circumstances. For example, an MSP may need to create a building access pass for a new user; however, this activity is not part of the standard workflow for aiDesk’s automation package for creating a new user. By adding an “extension point,” the MSP can create an automation and incorporate it into the automation package’s workflow instead of creating the entire workflow from scratch.

Pia launched Pia Ideas, a platform designed to give MSPs a voice in the company’s product development process, allowing them to submit feature requests and ideas and vote on those submitted by others, the company said.

Pia also redesigned its Partner Portal, offering an updated look, improved functionality and ease of navigation. The new user interface also lays a solid foundation for future expansions and new features.

Additional Enhancements

Some additional enhancements to the platform include:

  • Turn on/off Ticket Notes Auditing. Partners can now disable audit logs as ticket notes in their ticketing system, giving them more control over your data. 
  • Edit Scheduled Packages Service. Technicians can easily change the schedule on scheduled packages without canceling and recreating them, saving time and effort. 
  • Improved Chatbox Experience. Engineers get a new "Submit Feedback" access level, and users enjoy a better "Fetching Data" loading message for a seamless chat experience. 
  • Adoption Reporting Enhancements. Clearer usage statistics, customizable columns in Pia Tickets and "Requires Investigation" tables, and new tiles for tracking package runs and serviceable tickets.

Pia’s product team also fixed issues with Chrome Extension Tabular View, Live package status updates, and improved the user experience in Chat Activity Log.

“We strive to provide maximum flexibility to our customers, empowering them to make adjustments and modifications as necessary,” said Christian Paceco, founder and CEO of Pia. “By listening closely to them and adapting our solutions to meet their unique requirements, we can help them stay agile and responsive in a constantly evolving business environment. Extension Automations is a direct result of listening to our customers' needs.”