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Pax8 Announces Partnership with CyberFOX for Managed Service Providers

Credit: Pax8

Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace, announced its partnership with CyberFOX to offer managed service providers (MSPs) identity access management (IAM) solutions, specifically in privileged access management (PAM) through their product, AutoElevate.

CyberFOX’s suite of solutions includes AutoElevate and Password Boss, playing crucial roles in a holistic IAM security strategy encompassing risk surveillance, administration, and mitigation. These tools empower MSPs to oversee and mitigate risks associated with user access to vital data.

The PAM solution, AutoElevate, enables MSPs to remove administrator rights and move towards a more secure least privilege model, balancing security and accessibility. AutoElevate is now available on the Pax8 Marketplace in North America.

CyberFOX’s Password Management Solution, Password Boss, is set to bring industry-leading password protection to MSPs and will be available on the Pax8 Marketplace in 2024.

Pax8 Partners With CyberFOX: Executive Insight

Nikki Meyer, Corporate Vice President of Vendor Experience at Pax8, commented:

"One of the largest security threats that our partners face is from lacking or missing a resilient privileged access security platform. Since launching in 2022, CyberFOX has become a trusted advisor with MSPs, providing the security they need. We’re excited about our partnership with CyberFOX and to offer their advanced security solutions to our partner community."

David Bellini, Co-Founder and CEO at CyberFOX, commented:

"Our partnership with Pax8 is significant in that we are expanding our global reach in providing MSPs with quality and affordable privileged access management (AutoElevate) through the Pax8 Marketplace. We are thrilled to be part of such a powerful marketplace and a promising partnership where we can continue to foster growth and momentum in the industry."

About Pax8

Pax8 operates a cloud marketplace for IT professionals, providing tools to buy, sell, and manage tech solutions. 

Earlier this month, the company announced a strategic initiative to fast-track the onboarding of private offer vendors to its line card to support specific industry verticals. It also announced a strategic partnership with cybersecurity firm Blackpoint Cyber.