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NTT DATA Launches MDR Service and Talent Development Program to Strengthen Security Management

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NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services provider, has introduced a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service for security management.

The service is aimed at preventing and minimizing damage from cyber incidents and will first be available in Japan from July 2023, with a worldwide expansion planned by March 2024, the company announced.


During an incident, NTT DATA's engineers will act on behalf of client companies, implementing measures to identify the cause, respond promptly, maximize recovery efforts, and prevent future occurrences, the company said.

The business environment's changes, such as global expansion and remote work adoption, have made it challenging to defend against sophisticated cyberattacks fully. As a result, demand has risen for security management services that not only detect incidents but also efficiently manage response and recovery operations. NTT DATA aims to reach annual global sales of over 200 billion Japanese yen in security management, primarily through their Zero Trust services, by March 2026.

The MDR service will provide integrated and multilingual support to client companies, including incident response framework implementation, threat analysis, and continuous evaluation for improvement.

Talent Development

To address the shortage of cybersecurity personnel, NTT DATA's talent development program will be based on the expertise of NTTDATA-CERT and involve collaboration with NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation, the company said. Upon completing the program, engineers will be certified as MDR Services Specialists, capable of providing multilingual services to client companies with international operations.

NTT DATA's long-term plans include expanding the MDR support structure to approximately 500 specialists by March 2026. The company also says it is considering extending the talent development program to its client companies in the future.