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Morpheus Data Expands Multi-Cloud Management Platform for MSPs, DevOps

As enterprise organizations aggressively push IT modernization projects forward, the result often involves multiple third-party cloud services. External MSPs and internal DevOps teams, in turn, often struggle to manage workloads across all those cloud and on-premises environments.

Eager to address that market challenge, Morpheus Data is promoting a unified multi-cloud orchestration platform. It combines simple and standardized cloud management with application-centric DevOps automation, the company claims.

New Enhancements

Morpheus provides infrastructure-as-code application blueprints -- which are infrastructure and cloud agnostic. That approach blends declarative scripting with a graphical user interface (GUI) for administrators needing a single point of control. Morpheus also claims to help corporate IT extract the most value from K8s by enabling teams to easily deploy and manage K8s alongside other technologies.

The latest upgrades allow users to leverage native K8s scripting as part of Morpheus workflows. According to the company, this extends Morpheus’ own JSON/YAML scripting framework to third-party infrastructure-as-code platforms starting with HashiCorp Terraform and Microsoft ARM.

More multi-cloud options have also arrived, including support for Oracle customers running hybrid IT operations across Oracle VM and Oracle’s public cloud offering. Morpheus also augmented its native scaling engine for customers who want to utilize native Microsoft Azure Scale Sets in Azure and AzureStack deployments. For customers in Europe, the company added integration with T-Systems Open Telecom Cloud which blends public-cloud flexibility with private-cloud compliance.

MSP Sales Push

Many organizations are overwhelmed with digital transformation projects, and turning to MSPs for expert advice and assistance. Amid that reality, Morpheus is looking to engage more MSPs. Among those embracing the platform: Exponential-e, OneNeck, Technologent, Telia, and Ficolo.

The announcement builds on a recent channel partner sales push. At the time, Morpheus added a $250,000 back-end cash rebate on top of plans for gold-tier channel partners that drive at least $2.5 million in revenue. Full details of the program were available to Morpheus partners, and a recent social post highlights the opportunity for those who embraced the CloudOps and DevOps revolution.