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Lumen Technologies Debuts Network-as-a-Service Platform

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Lumen Technologies has revealed its inaugural service offering on its Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. The firm intends to enable customers with heightened flexibility in purchasing, using, and managing networking services.

The initial service introduced to the Lumen NaaS platform, Lumen Internet On-Demand, is currently available on a limited basis. The NaaS platform is set to incorporate security services like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), and Edge services over time.

Customers can use a digital portal or APIs (application program interfaces) to access Lumen Internet On-Demand and other future services for instant internet connections. The platform allows users to quickly assign an existing port at a new enterprise building, connecting them to Lumen's network. Customers will have real-time visibility into service performance and network usage, among other features.

Lumen’s New NaaS Offering: Executive Insight

Kate Johnson, CEO, Lumen
Kate Johnson, CEO, Lumen

Kate Johnson, CEO, Lumen, commented:

"We have been preparing for this moment for a long time, building a world-class telecom network with state-of-the-art fiber, broad coverage and unsurpassed route diversity and scalability. Lumen's Network-as-a-Service offering takes the next step to deliver on our customers' networking dreams: the ability to fire up any port, with any service, at any time. It's your network, your way."

Andrew Dugan, CTO, Lumen, explained:

"Lumen is putting the customer at the center of our Network-as-a-Service platform, creating a cloud-like experience for buying, consuming, and managing our network services. Businesses are looking for a dynamic, dedicated internet connection, but they want it from a reliable and flexible network. Unlike some Network-as-a-Service players, Lumen can deliver on this promise because we own and manage our network."

Rohit Mehra, Group Vice President, Network and Telecommunications, IDC, said:

"Using its high-capacity, global backbone network, Lumen Internet On-Demand delivers flexible network services for a customer-first approach. Lumen's commitment to providing an effortless operational experience holds promise for enterprises in terms of consuming, managing and upgrading their networks."