Several hundred MSPs have gathered IT Glue's GlueCon conference this week in Phoenix. CEO Chris Day kicked off the event describing some of the past and present milestones for himself and the MSP documentation platform provider.

Day started his first IT service provider business in 2002. By around 2006 he realized there was a missing piece. At the time, Day and his brother started working on a tool -- documentation, in nature -- essentially building IT Glue for this own company.

By 2009, he made an IT services acquisition and gained scale. By 2012, he decided to spin out 2013 and launch IT Glue. In 2014 the startup ran out of money. He was willing to give 10 percent of the company for $50,000 but all of his friends said no. He lined up some bank financing, made his first hire in 2015, and the rest was history, he quips.

The current company snapshot:

  • 5,000 customers.
  • 101 total staff.
  • 41 percent of staff expenses goes into product and R&D.
  • 40% of engineering team is female.
  • Staff in the company were born in 18 different countries.
  • 71,000 users, half of which are daily users.
  • 500,000: the number of businesses our partners support
  • 5 million: The number of users our MSPs support
  • 31: The number of countries where IT Glue customers exist.

Day also covered the company's recent Global MSP Benchmark Report, which includes stats about MSP businesses, focus areas, opportunities and challenges, and more. Stay tuned for more updates from the conference.