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CrashPlan Launches CrashPlan for MSPs

Data backup and recovery solutions provider CrashPlan today launched CrashPlan for MSPs, a dedicated program for IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). CrashPlan for MSPs aims to help MSPs and MSSPs provide endpoint backup and recovery SaaS solutions to more customers to increase revenue and profitability.

CrashPlan for MSPs features multiple capabilities intentionally designed for the specific needs of IT service organizations. 

The MSP-focused offering is built to be quick for MSPs to learn, easy to sell, and simple to deploy and administer. Self-paced and personalized training and support allows an MSP to rapidly onboard their service experts, CrashPlan said. CrashPlan for MSP’s cloud-based SaaS deployment requires zero on-premises hardware and offers robust out-of-the-box defaults to get customers up and running without time-consuming setup. Direct billing to the MSP on a monthly, per-user basis gives the MSP flexibility to easily add or remove customers without having to commit to a cap, and simply perform customer chargebacks based on consumption.

MSPs manage their own tenant within the CrashPlan cloud, allowing them to individually manage and segment each customer—and allow secure, granular access for customers to view their own business data, according to CrashPlan. CrashPlan for MSPs’ simplified administrative functionality gives MSP administrators centralized visibility across their customer base, with direct control at the organization, user, and device level. This purpose-built administrative visibility and control allows MSPs to provide deployment and first-call support services to their customers with easy access to CrashPlan’s US- and UK-based Technical Support, the company said.

“MSPs and MSSPs are the first line of defense for many businesses’ IT and Security needs. Just as their clients rely on them to seamlessly handle IT and Security demands, MSPs and MSSPs need technology that’s seamless to deploy, easy to manage, and dependably works,” said Mason Swenson, VP of Product at CrashPlan. “We designed CrashPlan for MSPs so our service provider partners can give their customers all of the data-resilience functionality of CrashPlan for Enterprise, with flexibility to handle deployment, administration, reporting, and billing in the way that works best for their business.”

“CrashPlan has always had a valuable symbiotic relationship with MSPs, and the launch of this focused MSP offering as part of our larger MSP program will help these partner organizations to deliver greater value for their clients—with greater value on their side, as well,” said Everett Brooks, Director, Channel Sales at CrashPlan. “With CrashPlan for MSPs, our partners will be able to easily deliver the peace of mind of assured endpoint backup and recovery, as well as CrashPlan’s proven use cases in remote workforce data management, device migration, and disaster or ransomware recovery.”