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ConnectWise Unveils New Network Monitoring & Management Solution for MSPs

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ConnectWise is leveraging its strategic partnership with cloud-native network management software provider Auvik Networks to deliver network monitoring capabilities to MSPs and their clients. The network monitoring and management capabilities are offered from within its ConnectWise Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) product built on the ConnectWise Asio™ platform, the company said. This will give MSPs better visibility, proactive monitoring, and real-time alerts to maintain optimal performance across client networks.

With the Network Monitoring and Management solution, ConnectWise's partner community can proactively detect and resolve network problems before they evolve into major business disruptions and improve their clients' uptime and efficiencies, according to ConnectWise.

ConnectWise and Auvik Deliver Network Monitoring and Management

According to the companies, the benefits of ConnectWise Network Monitoring and Management within ConnectWise RMM include:

Complete network visibility
Automatically detect and capture details for every device on your network—providing insights into the relationships between network assets. You can quickly plan network upgrades and capacity with accurate, real-time documentation.

Holistic view and topology mapping of your network
Centralized network monitoring lets you visualize your entire network through topology mapping—providing broader visibility to navigate your network, identify vulnerabilities and attack surfaces that require further investigation, and manage potential issues proactively before they disrupt business operations.

Real-time network alerts
Instant notifications of unusual activity and critical network alerts in ConnectWise RMM—allow you to catch and efficiently troubleshoot issues before they affect your clients' business operations.

Advanced network management
MSPs can upgrade their network management capabilities within ConnectWise RMM to include remote and configuration management with ConnectWise Advanced and network flow analytics, geo IP tracking, and centralized syslog collection with ConnectWise performance, the company said.

ConnectWise Network Management: Executive Commentary

Ameer Karim, general manager and executive vice president, ConnectWise Unified Monitoring and Management, said:

"We're excited to expand our partnership with Auvik to seamlessly integrate aspects of their technology in our comprehensive RMM product to provide our TSP community with an unparalleled end-to-end Network Monitoring and Management solution. Network Monitoring and Management inside ConnectWise RMM, with Auvik DNA, is a next-generation solution that allows our partners to easily and effectively monitor and manage their networks, maintain optimal performance, and ensure business continuity—giving clients peace of mind and allowing them to focus on providing other valuable services."

Doug Murray, chief executive officer, Auvik, added:

"ConnectWise is an RMM market leader and understands that the visibility of networks is critical to TSPs. We are excited to expand our partnership and work closely to seamlessly embed our solutions in ConnectWise RMM. Together, we enable TSPs to provide their clients with the best proactive managed IT services. This is all achieved via a single pane of glass that addresses the complex problem of managing everything from security devices, network devices, and endpoints."

Network Monitoring and Management is now available through the new ConnectWise RMM Pro and Premium packages.