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Apptega Announces Edge: New MSP Program


Software company Apptega has released a new MSP-focused platform to help manage compliance, integrate marketplaces, and provide cyberinsurance.

The Edge platform will help MSPs build, manage, and report on the cybersecurity programs of their customers - practices that have traditionally been out of reach due to cost, complexity, and specialized security knowledge, Apptega said.

According to the company, Edge will allow MSPs to:

  • Assess and measure customer security practices against a standard set of more than 25 frameworks that include SOC 2, CIS, NIST, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR
  • Provide MSPs and their customers with easy-to-follow guidance and project plans on how to meet framework requirements
  • Leverage the power of AI through ApptegaGPT virtual CISO guidance
  • Automate tasking and evidence collection through out-of-the-box integrations
  • Streamline cybersecurity compliance reporting for QBRs, executives, and boards
  • Instantly provision customer programs through a centralized, white-labeled, multi-tenant portal
  • Monetize their security products by mapping them to framework controls through the Edge product marketplace
  • Streamline cyber insurance by suggesting the best and most affordable options for customers based on their levels of security and compliance
  • Edge-integrated marketplace drives new revenue streams

Apptega’s Edge Platform: Executive Commentary

Armistead Whitney, CEO, Apptega, commented:

"Every day, MSPs of all sizes are being asked by their customers to deliver robust security and compliance programs and it's been a huge challenge for most to easily pull together the expertise and solutions they need to meet this demand. Apptega Edge is the first platform built specifically for MSPs that equips them with everything they need to deliver powerful cybersecurity and compliance to their customers. The tailwinds for this have never been stronger and we're thrilled to make it easy for MSPs to capitalize on this growing $40 billion market."

Additional Benefits

Other aspects of the platform include a private marketplace that will enable MSPs to easily map their products to every cybersecurity framework requirement on the sub-control level. Edge will then automatically recommend an MSP's products to fill specific customer program gaps, increasing compliance scores, and generating new revenue streams for the MSP, the company said.

Apptega has also built what it calls “the first fully integrated cyber insurance marketplace” which will automatically qualify businesses for coverage based on their cybersecurity and compliance posture in Edge-routing applications to willing insurers based on the organization's ability to meet certain security thresholds and then providing the insurance company with real-time data upon which rates and coverage can be adjusted.