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VIPRE ATP Maximizes Office 365


Most MSPs and resellers are familiar with Office 365 and its vast array of productivity solutions. From desktop applications like Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, to communication tools like Teams and Skype, Microsoft has improved the way modern businesses operate. But with its unprecedented popularity comes an unprecedented - and unwanted - focus from cyber criminals.

VIPRE ATP: More details
VIPRE ATP for Email Security: More details

By now, most MSPs understand that email is the most common means of attack facing an organization. Phishing campaigns lead to the majority of ransomware attacks –and therein lies the problem with using Microsoft Office 365. Besides its popularity among thieves, today’s malware campaigns employ zero-hour attacks, weaponized document attachments and myriad sophisticated techniques that require comprehensive, advanced threat protection. That kind of malware requires a security specialist not a security generalist.

Microsoft is aware of the need for increased email security and acknowledged the deficiency by offering their Advanced Threat Protection in more expensive packages like E3 and E5. While these packages have more robust protection, they provide enterprise-level software and services–many of which most MSPS who serve SMBs wouldn’t find useful. This results in businesses paying more for unnecessary technology, leading to high costs and bad long-term security investments.

One way to bridge the gap between expensive technology and essential technology is VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection, or ATP. With VIPRE ATP, costs remain low while defenses stay strong. Although cost-effective, the price of VIPRE ATP isn’t the only benefit. ATP provides an email security solution in a multi-layered package for maximum protection, continuous email availability, attachment sandboxing for unknown and possibly malicious attachments, and guards against phishing links, all within an easy to use cloud management platform.

Ten years ago, partners would occasionally ask me a question when it came to endpoint security. They would ask, “Can’t I just use Microsoft Defender for my clients - the free AV that came with Windows”? The answer was always no, and the reason was the same then, as it is now. Free security will never be enough security. The best way to stay secure from persistent email threats is to augment Office 365 with a third-party email security solution.

AV-Comparatives, AV Test and Virus Bulletin are three independent testing organizations that allow for buyers to see transparency and efficacy rate comparisons among security vendors. Microsoft and VIPRE both submit to these tests and the results are public.

There are many benefits channel partners can enjoy by utilizing the Office 365 platform for productivity and communication. Don’t let those efficiencies be eliminated by unnecessary vulnerabilities that may be lurking and threatening downtime for your clients.

VIPRE Security recommends that all organizations utilize a layered security approach when implementing defensive measures. A top-rated endpoint security solution coupled with advanced email security and threat intelligence solutions will ensure that your clients will be protected from malicious threats via multiple attack vectors.

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