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Posts by VIPRE Security

Cyberattacks: How to Avoid Being a Target

Most hackers go through three stages when outlining & launching a cyberattack, according to VIPRE Security’s guidance to MSPs & customers.

Why Email Archiving Should Fit into Your Email Security Service Offering

Email storage & security is a worry for managed service providers (MSPs) & IT pros. Email archiving can help mitigate the risks, VIPRE Security explains.

Protect Your End-Users from Malicious Links and Attachments

Malware delivered via email remains a major cybersecurity threat, according to numerous research reports. VIPRE Security explains how to mitigate the risks.

cloud email

3 Mistakes MSPs Make with Email Security

MSPs (managed IT services providers) make these common email security mistakes with their clients, VIPRE Security explains.

Switching from Reseller to MSP

The reasons why resellers & VARS are switching to an MSP (managed IT services) business model are compelling. VIPRE Security explains the benefits.

Is Becoming an MSP Worth It?

The MSP journey isn’t easy. But here’s how MSPs help clients achieve more system uptime, better productivity & greater business profitability.

3 Reasons Businesses Leave Their MSP

How can your MSP business avoid losing clients to rival IT service providers? VIPRE Security offers this guidance.

Take Your MSP’s Sales to the Next Level

Four tips to improve your managed IT services (MSP) revenues and overall business performance, according to VIPRE Security.

Layered Security: Better Cybersecurity and More Recurring Revenue

Layered security helps MSPs (managed IT service providers) detect & stop attacks from multiple attack vectors that malicious actors use.

MSP 102: Building Dedicated Channel Sales and Marketing (Part 2)

Building your managed services provider (MSP) business? Here are three more areas to potentially optimize & focus on in 2019, according to VIPRE Security.