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Axcient’s New Appliance-Free BCDR Protects Remote Workers


Security risks increase with work from home environments, especially with workers who don’t receive a company laptop or mobile device, are able to forego regular security training, or are unaware of security best practices. Plus with the spike in ransomware and phishing attacks, data loss risks have never been greater.

The latest innovation from Axcient, Direct-to-Cloud hardware-free backup and disaster recovery (BDR), gives MSPs (managed service providers) the tools necessary for uninterrupted business continuity with near instant recovery, regardless of customer backup environments.

Significant Cost Savings, Compelling BCDR

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud allows MSPs to cut-costs without scrimping on services, protection, or security. By removing hardware, MSPs and their customers no longer are faced with surprise costs related to leasing, maintenance, or client visits. Along with a reduction in monthly costs, Axcient Direct-to-Cloud BCDR also removes the stress, time, and effort required with a physical device. No more incomplete backups, failed hardware, or busted chains. Instead, enjoy the peace of mind of a sophisticated solution built for today’s flexible workforce. And depending on how your MSP bundles services, Direct-to-Cloud can also produce new revenue opportunities, while you continue to support customers on their digital transformation.

Remote Endpoint Protection Without an Appliance

While onsite employee data is protected behind a corporate firewall and can quickly backup to a dedicated local BDR server, remote workers only have their existing at-home infrastructure. Typically that’s much less sophisticated and does not include critical firewalls. Work from home employees may not be able to contact corporate networks for regular backups, or have to perform them through overstressed VPN’s, which increases the likelihood of data loss.

With so many remote workers, traditional appliance-based BDR needs its own backup to support and secure hundreds of networks and ingress points, plus BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) access. Axcient Direct-to-Cloud features best-in-class business continuity and disaster recovery, without the need for local hardware appliances. Using the same x360Recover chain-free backup technology, Direct-to-Cloud sends data straight to the cloud for endpoint protection of remote employees, satellite offices, and “work from anywhere” allowances.

Direct-to-Cloud enables a minutes-long recovery time objective (RTO) for environments of all sizes with Virtual Office for self-managed disaster recovery and cloud virtualization. Immediate recovery is also possible with Direct-to-Cloud from any restoration point with a 15-minute recovery point objective (RPO). MSPs can meet the same service-level agreements (SLAs) customers expect with hardware-based backups, but without the maintenance, limitations, costs, and stress of appliance management. And with Axcient AirGap, another feature included in Direct-to-Cloud, you never have to worry about losing data or facing a ransom payment. As your last line of defense, Axcient AirGap prevents data loss even after it has occurred.

One Backup Vendor for All Customers

Not only do Axcient Partners and their customers get the same BCDR protections expected from traditional appliances, but they also get chain-free backups, unlimited storage and retention, instant local virtualization, immediate recovery, and effortless install. Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), increase protections and confidence, and meet all of your disparate customer needs under one vendor. The consequences of vendor sprawl reduces efficiency, cutting deep into profit potential. By standardizing under a unified platform, you gain the business benefits of elevated operations.

Instead of managing multiple vendor processes for onboarding, training, billing, support, and management, which wastes time, money, and resources, deliver the backup your customers want with just one process. Cost-sensitive customers who prefer a simple backup solution, such as file-level backup, and business-driven customers who require a turn-key BDR appliance, can both utilize Axcient’s best-in-class solution. Up until now, there hasn’t been single vendor who could support both of these customers, as well as endpoint backup, in one solution. Direct-to-Cloud gives you the value of business continuity, with the ease and functionality of turn-key appliances – but without the cost, data risks, and complexity of chain-based, appliances.

Learn more about what makes Axcient’s new Direct-to-Cloud appliance-free BCRD offering unique, and explore additional ways that it can enhance your customers’ security and peace of mind.

Guest blog courtesy of Axcient. Read more guest blogs from Axcient here.