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Posts by Axcient

Time to Hire a Salesperson? 4 Steps to Make it a Success

Whether you’re building on your existing MSP sales team or hiring an MSP salesperson for the first time, follow these steps from Axcient.

Less Vendors = Higher Profits, So Why Are MSPs Still Adding to Their Stacks?

By reducing the operational overhead of vendor management, MSPs can reallocate those resources and cut costs to boost their bottom line.

Returning to the Office: 5 Reentry Procedures for Data and Employee Protection

MSPs need to educate customers on security risks, consequences and solutions to secure the emerging hybrid workplace environments.

Six Necessities to Secure and Support a (Post) Pandemic Infrastructure

No matter where customer employees work, Axcient explains how to deliver a solid infrastructure that accounts for evolving workplaces.

MSP Regulation: 5 Ways to Prepare Now for ‘Good Standing’ Later

Prepare your MSP as if your local laws & regulations required key steps toward compliance. Axcient explains how to get started now.

What MSPs Need to Know About New Industry Regulations

Louisiana legislation regulating MSPs went into effect February 1, 2021. Even if you’re not in Louisiana, what can MSPs expect? Axcient explains.

Axcient’s New Appliance-Free BCDR Protects Remote Workers

Axcient’s new Direct-to-Cloud appliance-free BCRD helps bolster cloud security and protects remote work environments.

MSPs Adapt or Die: Darwinism is Apparent in the Channel

In part two of this blog, Axcient explores the need for MSPs to evolve or die. The evolution demands modern marketing. Tom Watson and his guest explain.

MSPs: Adapt or Die

Instead of feeding your managed services provider (MSP) business to the sharks, mature it. Axcient and Your Sales Energy explain how.

Overcoming MSP Sales Objections: Hope Is Not A Strategy

Axcient’s Tom Watson and CharTec’s Nick Points describe how MSPs can do to overcome customer objections during the sales process.