Why Backup (and Virtualization) Requirements Are In Your Best Interest

It's a myth that clients don't want to do business with an MSP requiring specific data protection solutions. As their MSP, clients lean on you – not to mention pay you – for your expertise in business continuity, backups, and disaster recovery. Most clients just want assurance their business can withstand a cyberattack with minimal consequences. And if you're not requiring best-in-class solutions, how can you make that promise? The reality of today is if you're not requiring the BDR solutions you trust, then you're not doing your job.

Not only is business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) a necessity for data protection, it's also an insurance policy for MSPs, a way to increase margins, and substantially grow profits. Keep reading to understand why a security-first approach is critical for business survival post-pandemic, and see how the right strategy can impact your bottom line.

Death, Taxes, and Data Loss

As Benjamin Franklin says, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Today, that sentiment would undoubtedly include data loss. Ninety-five percent of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. It's estimated that ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds. Remote workers have caused a security breach in 20% of organizations. And more than 77% of organizations do not have an incident response plan. If you're still thinking, 'it won't happen to me,' or you're allowing clients to deny the reality of the cyberthreat landscape, you're risking both of your businesses.

Today's remote workforce is larger and more mobile than ever before. Data and remote endpoints are dispersed worldwide and that means the job of MSPs is getting harder. No longer can you allow clients to risk their business with your name attached. States are expanding breach notification laws to hold MSPs publicly responsible for cyber incidents, and the federal government is weighing similar legislation. In addition to specifically targeting remote workers, hackers also focus on MSPs and the aggregate data you have access to. 

Ultimately, the digital transformation has created the perfect environment for cyberattacks on SMBs. With these very real threats increasing every day, it's not a matter of if, but when, you and/or your clients will be hit. Without comprehensive BCDR in place, how will your clients and your MSP be affected?

Standardize, Simplify, and Save

As an SME, it's your duty to educate clients on these threats so they understand why your MSP requires BDR. Allowing clients to opt-out of data protection is doing them a disservice and putting your business at risk. Choosing the best solutions for them is also your responsibility, but often times, MSPs allow clients to use a variety of solutions out of fear of losing the client otherwise. Legacy tools and vendor sprawl don't just put recovery in jeopardy, it also increases costs and cuts profits.

Standardizing under one backup provider for all your clients BDR needs ensures comprehensive protection with a solution you trust. Simplifying your stack allows you to focus on value-add tasks, rather than managing vendors. A modern BDR solution should include the following capabilities to enable and empower your MSP.

  • Solve multiple business use cases with one solution to avoid vendor sprawl while delivering for clients.
  • Unify processes for billing, support, onboarding, employee training, tech certification, and recovery, to streamline operations, lower costs, improve efficiency, and elevate your team's product knowledge for better service.
  • Increase your competitive edge with unique, tried and true features, customizable backup structures, cost, and the ability to reduce downtime.
  • Lower monthly costs by up to 50% with hardware-free BDR to eliminate expensive appliances, onsite visits, maintenance, and stress.
  • Protect against ransomware with built-in, always-on defenses that separate deletion attempts from the actual data deletion mechanism.
  • Automatically verify backups to avoid failures and the need for time-consuming manual backup verification.

Margin Growth with Comprehensive BCDR

Average margins on backup are low, but by standardizing, simplifying, and requiring BCDR, MSPs are seeing margins above 60%. Standardization significantly improves cost-efficiency for MSPs. Simplification allows you to focus on client value. And BCDR minimum requirements protect clients and your MSP from data loss and breaches that could be fatal for both business.

Axcient provides business enablement BCDR for MSPs to successfully protect clients, win new business, and grow profits. With hardware-free BDR, Axcient x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud allows MSPs to meet disparate client needs with just one vendor. Endpoint backup, no-appliance BDR, turn-key BDR, and public or private cloud can all be protected, as well as any physical or virtual Windows server desktop, or laptop with Local Cache. See how Axcient is saving MSPs up to 50% each month with a free 14-day trial to compare with your current solution. Start Your Trial Now!

Guest blog courtesy of Axcient. Read more guest blogs from Axcient here.