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Surviving Extreme Weather with Natural Disaster Data Recovery

Regardless of location, MSPs need to incorporate natural disaster recovery into their incident response plan to ensure business continuity.

Navigate Today’s Cybersecurity Threats Without Compromising Your Well-Being

Axcient MSP Xperience 2021, a virtual conference, features leading solution providers, industry experts, and MSP peers focused on all things security.

Why Backup (and Virtualization) Requirements Are In Your Best Interest

If you’re not requiring BDR solutions, you’re putting your own MSP business and those of your customers at increased risk.

Data Protection is Security: Adopt This Approach to Protect Your MSP

MSPs that allow customers to opt-out of BDR (backup & disaster recovery) are putting their managed services businesses & clientele in jeopardy.

More States Follow Louisiana’s Lead by Expanding Breach Notification Laws

MSPs need to understand how new breach notification laws can impact managed service providers & their end-customers, Axcient asserts.

Growing Microsoft 365 Backup Margins with an MSA Bundle Strategy

How cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (BDR) can improve Microsoft 365 profit margins for MSPs, according to Axcient.

MSPs Still Need to Protect Clients Using Microsoft 365

MSPs must deliver business continuity, backup & disaster recovery (MDR) solutions for Microsoft 365. Axcient offers this cloud BDR guidance.

3 Red Flags That Signal it’s Time for a New BDR Vendor

As an MSP, it’s best for you to choose technology vendors that are 100% MSP focused. BDR platform provider Axcient explains why.

Data Protection is Security: 4 Ways MSPs Can Sell the Value of BDR

MSPs should take these four steps to position data protection, backup & disaster recovery (BDR) to address customer cybersecurity, Axcient asserts.

How Much are Vendors Costing Your MSP?

Instead of adding more backup solutions to your stack, MSPs should consolidate & focus on adding value for clients. Axcient explains how.