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MSPAlliance Updates Cyber Verify Program

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In a move to support Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in enhancing their compliance and cybersecurity efforts, MSPAlliance has updated its Cyber Verify compliance program. 

Tailored for MSPs and cloud providers, the program now includes new tools and resources that will improve operational maturity and compliance management across varying levels of organizational maturity, the association and certification body announced

Program Enhancements

The Cyber Verify program, specifically designed for MSPs, has been expanded to include a new suite of tools. These updates aim to streamline the integration of compliance processes and improve the delivery of services to customers, the group said. 

Key features introduced include:

  • Cyber Verify Assessment Tool: Helps MSPs conduct efficient and precise compliance assessments for their customers.
  • Multi-Tenant and MSP Managed Controls: Simplifies management of controls across different tenants and MSP-operated environments.
  • Built-in CaaS and vCIO Support: Enhances Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offerings and provides robust support through an improved Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) framework.
  • Updated Framework Mappings: Aligns compliance requirements with organizational maturity, facilitating scalability.
  • ESP Tracking and Risk Management: Introduces features for tracking External Service Providers and enhances risk management.
  • White Labeling: Allows MSPs to offer Cyber Verify to their clients through a white-labeled platform, improving user experience.

Industry Feedback

Marcus Thompson, CEO, Expedient Technology Solutions, commented:

 "Cyber Verify has been invaluable to our efforts to provide assurance to our customers and prospects. It effectively communicates the commitment we have made in our technology, security, and privacy investments."

Elmo Taddeo, CEO, Parachute, said: 

"Cyber Verify made a significant difference in helping Parachute prepare for and meet industry standards such as SOC 2. It has now enabled us to assist our managed services clients in preparing for these same industry standards."

About MSPAlliance

Founded in 2000, MSPAlliance is a global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. 

It focuses on setting standards, policies, and best practices to improve MSP services across the industry.

The company launched its Compliance-as-a-Service platform last year.