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Dell Technologies Announces 2024 Partner Program Enhancements

As Dell Technologies celebrates its 40th anniversary, the company has launched its 2024 Partner Program. 

The program aims to boost partnerships and invest in key areas for shared growth and technology adaptation, the company says.

Strategic Collaborations and Growth Initiatives

Denise Millard, SVP, Global Alliances, Industries, Partner Strategy & Programs at Dell, emphasized the importance of partners to Dell's business strategy. Millard, introducing the program, says it maintains a focus on strengthening these partnerships through improved collaboration and strategic incentives.

“Partners are critical to our success. Over the past four quarters, our partners contributed approximately 50% of our net revenue and more than 60% of all new and reactivated buyers. With this foundation of strong partnerships, we have an opportunity to further grow and modernize the core business in the year to come,” she wrote.

The program aims to modernize Dell's core business alongside its partners, leveraging the successful Partner First Strategy for Storage and introducing new incentives for business acquisition and customer delivery.

Enhanced Profit Potential and Market Opportunities

The announcement details several key updates, including higher profit potentials for Dell APEX Infrastructure offerings and increased earning potentials for Client+ and ProSupport Plus categories. Additionally, the transition from Project Harmony to Partner ProServices marks a significant shift towards integrating Dell Services into partners' offerings more seamlessly.

Dell Technologies is also introducing new competencies in Data Science & AI, Edge Solutions, and Sustainability & ESG to align with evolving customer priorities and market opportunities. These competencies aim to validate partners' expertise in Dell's offerings and address the growing demand for sustainable technology solutions.

Bob Venero, President and CEO – Future Tech Enterprise, said:

“Dell recognizes the crucial role partners play in their success. Partner First Strategy for Storage doubles down on their commitment to partners, aligning with the market shift to channel-driven sales and paving the way for even greater growth and mutual success.”

Dell Technologies says that its 2024 Partner Program is designed to improve partner collaboration, offer more incentives, and meet market and customer demands. According to Dell, the program aims to collaborate with its partners to respond to the evolving IT industry and support technological progress.