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AVI Systems Acquires Dascom for IPTV Managed Services

AVI Systems’ Jeff Stoebner
AVI Systems' Jeff Stoebner

Video streaming, both live and on-demand is rapidly taking over traditional cable TV models. The general population is no longer content with television broadcast schedules and the high costs of satellite or cable TV.

Amid that reality, companies like Dascom Systems Group have bet their businesses on full video headends, Over-the-Top (OTT) video, IPTV, middleware, local video content offerings and production, Video-on-Demand (VoD) and adaptive video streaming.

Moreover, Dascom has a network operations center (NOC) that offers network monitoring services for corporate, education and medical customers that leverage IPTV technologies.

Apparently, that portfolio of services impressed AV specialists AVI Systems -- which recently acquired Dascom.

Jeff Stoebner, CEO of AVI Systems, points to Dascom's video over IP expertise -- which allows network providers all over North America to deliver TV services over those IP networks. AVI will retain all of Dascom's employees (exact headcount wasn't disclosed. Also, Dascom's managing directors will join AVI Systems' leadership team. The transaction is expected to close in the Fall of 2017.

Should MSPs Jump Into Audio-Visual, Video Services?

This acquisition may lead people to think that MSPs could or even should venture into the AV game, as it seems to be growing rapidly. Still, most traditional MSP teams in the SMB sector don't likely have the required skill sets. AV and IPTV issues require a completely different skill set than problems with servers, workstations and networking equipment.

In these days when MSPs are outsourcing more of the tasks that don't fit exactly within their core competencies, such as application development and security, dipping toes into AV markets might be on the outskirts of skills they would like to acquire. While setting up a video conferencing system would be within the scope of a typical MSP, it would be a mistake to try and spread technicians so thin that they don't become truly expert in one particular area.