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Cybersecurity Pressures? Choose a Vendor With All the Safeguards In Place

From best practices and industry standards to compliance and regulatory law, Liongard has your (and your customers’) data protected.

Introducing: Custom Actionable Alerts

Stop digging for data & start knowing. Get the answers you need, when you need them, to proactively serve your customers and scale your MSP.

Marketing Your MSP Part 1: Customer Acquisition

How MSPs can build sales & marketing efforts to quickly scale monthly recurring revenues (MRR). Liongard Chief Revenue Officer Adam Slutskin explains.

Secrets to Building an MSP Sales Team

Whether you need to hire your first MSP sales rep or add more to your roster, Liongard shares key steps to build & retain high-performance MSP sales teams.

MSP Insiders’ Guide to an Exceptional Customer Journey—Part 4: Superior Account Management

Learn how successful MSPs manage accounts to form long-term customer partnerships and gain predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Liongard explains.

MSP Insiders’ Guide to an Exceptional Customer Journey—Part 3: Stellar Service & Support

MSPs may appear to be in the IT business, but in reality they’re in the business of customer service. Liongard shares tips to set your MSP team apart.

MSP Insiders’ Guide to an Exceptional Customer Journey—Part 2: Optimizing Onboarding

How can MSPs most effectively onboard customers — and set realistic customer expectations? Liongard shares some secrets to onboarding success.

The 2020 MSP Landscape: 4 Insider Predictions You Won’t Want to Ignore

Liongard CEO Joe Alapat explains how managed IT services providers (MSPs) must evolve in 2020. The major theme: More business & technology automation.

Customer People

MSP Insiders’ Guide to an Exceptional Customer Journey: Part 1

How MSPs can make a strong first impression with a professional sales process and then win the deal, according to Liongard. Part 1 of 4 covering MSP customer journeys.

We are Level 4: Nonstop, Accurate, and Relentless

Is your MSP putting its best foot forward by offering Level 4 support to customers?