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Posts by Liongard

New MSP? Time to Call in the SWOT Team for Faster MSP Growth

This business & technology roadmap outlines common MSP obstacles to success, and the best routes to succeed & scale, Liongard asserts.

The Agile Process: Adding Value Iteratively for MSPs

The Agile process reigns supreme in software development. Here’s how Liongard works iteratively to continuously add value for MSPs.

Zero Day Vulnerabilities: Protect Your Exchange Servers

How can MSPs confirm that customers’ Microsoft Exchange servers are patched without checking each server individually? Liongard explains how.


Make Data Privacy a Priority, Every Day

Implement these four critical components to secure your stack and ensure data privacy is a priority, every day, Liongard tells MSPs.

New Year’s Resolution: Trim the Fat From Your MSP’s Budget

Liongard offers tips for improving the health of your 2021 budget with a focus on MSP automation and efficiency.

Liongard’s Vendor Neutrality Benefits MSPs and RMMs

MSPs use different RMMs, so remaining “vendor agnostic” and releasing Inspectors for many RMMs makes Liongard more accessible to more MSPs.

How to Improve Time-to-Resolution for Better Customer Satisfaction

Mean Time to Resolution is one of the most important customer service metrics your MSP can track. Here are 5 ways to improve MTTR, Liongard says.

Automation is Key to Securing Monthly Recurring Revenue

Managed services deliver monthly recurring revenue (MRR), giving you a consistent revenue stream from multiple clients.

5 Predictions—and Plenty of Opportunities—For MSPs in 2021

Liongard founders Joe Alapat and Vincent Tran lay out predictions and their thoughts on the path forward for MSPs in 2021.

Customer People

How to Use Automation to Onboard New MSP Customers

Improving ROI is as easy as using automation to onboard new MSP customers. Liongard’s Michelle Sawa explains.