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Automation is Key to Securing Monthly Recurring Revenue

Managed services deliver monthly recurring revenue (MRR), giving you a consistent revenue stream from multiple clients.

5 Predictions—and Plenty of Opportunities—For MSPs in 2021

Liongard founders Joe Alapat and Vincent Tran lay out predictions and their thoughts on the path forward for MSPs in 2021.

Customer People

How to Use Automation to Onboard New MSP Customers

Improving ROI is as easy as using automation to onboard new MSP customers. Liongard’s Michelle Sawa explains.

Gears Automation Pixabay

How MSPs Can Use Automation to Secure, Standardize and Scale

MSPs can leverage automation to help customers secure, standardize and scale IT operations. Liongard explains how.

How to Motivate Sales Teams in COVID-19’s ‘New Normal’

Liongard & successful MSPs use these strategies to pivot during the pandemic and keep sales from going stagnant.

9 Strategies to Optimize Your MSP’s Sales Cycle Using a Demand Waterfall

Demand waterfall helps MSPs figure out which marketing & sales efforts will deliver the best ROI. Liongard offers nine tips for success.

12 Ways to Nurture Mental Health and Company Culture During the Pandemic

Follow these Liongard tips to strengthen company culture and avoid MSP employee burnout amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How MSPs Can Combat Profit Margin Erosion

Learn how mature MSPs keep profit margins high, even during global uncertainty and economic downturns. Liongard explains.

Feature Release: Export a Fast, Insightful Overview of a Single Environment

Gain visibility, perform health checks and bolster quarterly reviews for single clients’ environments with Liongard’s latest capabilities.

MSP or MSSP? Part 2: How to Decide if it’s the Right Move for You

Liongard explains the pros and cons, risks, rewards and resources available for MSPs considering a move to the MSSP world.