MSSP, Attack surface management

MSPs: Protect and Manage Your Customer’s Attack Surface With Liongard 

The Internet of Things (IoT) will include 26 billion units installed by 2020, Gartner predicts. By that time, IoT vendors and IT service providers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly from IT services, Gartner forecasts.

The ever-growing array of interconnected systems, software, and services, known as the 'attack surface,' proves to be a daunting challenge for many MSPs, whose success depends upon maintaining a robust security posture and regulatory compliance for their customers.  

This challenge is best met with Liongard, a comprehensive attack surface management solution and a critical tool for every MSP. 

Attack Surface Management – Cybersecurity’s Firm Foundation

Attack surface management (ASM) is the identifying, mapping, and securing of all points within a network that are susceptible to misconfiguration and exploitation. It’s the collective effort to minimize the number of vulnerable spots in your customer’s IT environment where an attacker can potentially gain unauthorized access. Effective ASM enables all other cybersecurity tactics and strategies. 

Liongard delivers the leading automated ASM solution to revolutionize attack surface management, enabling MSPs to be constantly vigilant and proactive in ensuring optimum security. 

Demonstrating Value with Healthy Security Operational Hygiene

The Liongard platform automates discovery and inventory of network and system assets, including users, devices, and software. By continuously documenting the system configuration state, Liongard enables MSPs to monitor and manage their customers’ security posture most efficiently. MSPs quickly identify any changes, misconfigurations, or mistakes that may adversely affect the customer’s security posture. Using this proactive approach, MSPs demonstrate high value by engaging customer environments in healthy security operational hygiene, addressing vulnerabilities before they become significant risks. 

Regulatory, Contractual, and Cyber Insurance Policy Compliance

Liongard also alleviates the significant MSP challenge of maintaining regulatory compliance by ensuring all system configuration states are accurately captured and documented over time. This data is then used to validate compliance with various cyber frameworks, regulations such as the FTC Safeguards, and cyber insurance policy requirements.  

Proper and up-to-date documentation becomes crucial whenever a security breach or data loss occurs. Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response enables MSPs to track changes in system configuration, identify any misconfigurations, and spot potential security gaps that require remediation.  

By providing this evidence, Liongard not only helps mitigate risks but also serves as a valuable tool for making cyber insurance claims. MSPs provide the insurance provider with detailed documentation, strengthening their case and minimizing financial loss. 

The Danger in Poor Visibility and Incomplete Documentation

Without a comprehensive attack surface management solution like Liongard, MSPs lack visibility and must rely on manual documentation processes. This leaves them and their customers vulnerable to potential threats and costly operational inefficiencies.  

Manual documentation is time-consuming, prone to human error, and often lacks completeness, making it challenging to maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of system configurations. Lack of visibility into changes and misconfigurations increases the risk of security breaches and data loss even further. 

Liongard’ automated tools significantly enhance MSPs' ability to demonstrate cybersecurity value and expertise to customers who may otherwise question their ability to protect their systems and data effectively. This very effectively allays their fear of potential loss of business or damage to their reputation. 

Increase Customer Confidence with Liongard

MSPs need Liongard’s comprehensive attack surface management solutions to reinforce security posture and minimize risks most effectively. Liongard empowers MSPs to stay one step ahead of potential threats, demonstrate their high value, comply with regulations and contractual obligations, and have proper evidence when needed by automating the capture of system configuration state data.  

Choosing to integrate Liongard into their toolset is a strategic move that enables MSPs to enhance and expand their security offerings, delivering better services to their customers with confidence.