WEBCAST: How I Sold My Business – 5 Exit Mistakes to Avoid

How I Sold My Business: 5 Exit Mistakes to Avoid

Thursday, October 17, 2019
2:00 PM Eastern Time

Hear from two MSP entrepreneurs as they detail their preparations for the sale of their business. Learn about their different paths — one MSP stayed on with the acquiring company; the other gradually parted ways. Take away tips for:

  • how to prepare your company for sales conversations;
  • finding potential buyers and financial advisors;
  • navigating financial discussions;
  • various exit scenarios;
  • succeeding after the sale; and
  • plenty more.

Our Guests:

  • MJ Shoer, founder & principal consultant, MJ Shoer LLC. Built then sold Jenaly Technology Group in 2015 to Internet & Telephone, which rolled into Onepath in 2017.
  • Jason Waldrop, president, Red River‘s Managed Services organization. Built then sold CWPS to Red River in September 2019.
  • Joe Panettieri, ChannelE2E editor, moderating the conversation and peppering in your questions. Sharing the five mistakes you need to avoid.