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Martello Launches Channel Program for Microsoft Digital Experience Management

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions company Martello has launched a new channel partner program to enable MSPs and VARs to deliver user experience monitoring and optimization through Martello’s Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams DEM platform, according to a statement from the company.

Martello’s DEM solutions monitor Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams video conferencing solutions' performance and user experience. These tools are used by more than 500,000 businesses globally, according to the statement. Martello's solution uses synthetic transaction monitoring of Microsoft 365 and Teams to provide pre-event alerting of performance issues, together with correlation of performance and status data from integrated IT service monitoring tools and cloud platforms including AWS and Google Cloud, according to the statement.

Martello Launches New Partner Program for Microsoft Teams, 365 Digital Experience Monitoring

Martello will strengthen this offering in 2021 for the partners in its program with real user monitoring, which monitors actual user activity, regardless of where the user is located, and active network path monitoring, which provides a clearer picture of the network path taken by every Microsoft action, according to the statement.

Currently, there are more than one million enterprises using Microsoft 365 globally, and Gartner forecasts that by 2024, 50% of them will use a third-party software tool to monitor the Microsoft 365 experience, up from less than 10% in 2020. That bodes well for MSPs and VARs looking to get into the DEM space, especially for Microsoft partners looking for a way to develop new revenue streams. Partners at any stage of cloud maturity, supported by a dedicated Martello partner manager, can easily improve their Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams customer offering with Martello digital experience monitoring and optimization, according to the statement. The partner program is expected to increase the number of Microsoft users on Martello’s DEM platform through FY22.

Mike Danforth, Martello Technologies
Mike Danforth, VP global sales and partnerships, Martello Technologies

Martello Partner Program: Providing Value-Added Microsoft Services

Martello’s partner program includes training, automated service-level agreement (SLA) management and co-marketing and is designed to help partners provide value-added services with complete visibility of Microsoft 365 and cloud/hybrid service delivery, an area in which visibility is usually limited, according to Martello.

“We’ve built a partner program that will give any Microsoft partner a simple and cost-effective path to revenue from value-added digital experience monitoring and optimization services,” said Mike Danforth, VP global sales and partnerships at Martello. “The small and medium enterprises who rely on these trusted advisors can now achieve the benefits enjoyed by large enterprises using Martello DEM to reduce downtime, improve employee productivity and maximize their return on the Microsoft 365 investment.”