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HR, Accounting and IT Services From One Outsourcing Specialist?

Often when a person starts up a business, it is because they have a great idea. They have found a need in the market, and they have the solution. What they realize quickly, as they start to grow, is that there are many skills and tasks necessary to run a company that have nothing to do with their business idea. Outsourcing those tasks can be a huge weight lifted off the shoulders of someone who just wants to focus on their business idea.

Even MSPs frequently outsource their HR, accounting and payroll services. The IT firms I have worked for have outsourced those tasks.

Still, finding a company to trust with your financials, employees and payroll can be a serious undertaking, which is similar to locating an IT firm for the technology needs of a company. Once you find a company that fits your needs, you may have to keep looking to round out the services you require to keep your business running smoothly.

Outsourcing (Nearly Everything) To One Company?

Now imagine this: What if you could find one company that manages all the back office tasks needed to run a business -- instead of juggling multiple companies to manage each outsourced task?

Some "do it all" firms are emerging. For example, Avitus Group, a company that provides ‘back office' support such as payroll, accounting, taxes, recruiting, information technology, human resources and more, recently acquired Technical Edge Consulting. If the deal works as promised, it will strengthen Avitus Group's IT services portfolio.

Will more "do it all" outsourcing firms emerge? I think business process outsourcing specialists will need to acquire fully functional IT firms to succeed in the tech market. If a business services firm -- say, an accounting or HR shop -- decides to create their own IT services department, it could be an uphill climb for them.

If that same HR-centric outsourcing company acquires an already established IT firm, however, customers might be more comfortable handing over the keys to the network.