We are focused on our own success. Striving for success is key to how we grow, learn, develop and learn. Sometimes we fail. But our failures are important to our success. They help us learn, change, improve. As human beings we are driven to achieve.

There’s a funny thing about success, we can’t be successful on our own. We are reliant on others in order to achieve success. It turns out we can’t be successful if those we work with aren’t successful.

If our customers fail in their buying efforts, if our customers don’t achieve their goals, we don’t get the PO.

If your customers don’t succeed in implementing their changes and producing the results they expected; we don’t grow our relationship and ability to earn more business.

We need the support of our peers and co-workers. If they fail, we can’t possibly succeed.

As leaders and managers, we are dependent on the success of our people. If they fail, we fail. As a result, our job is all about helping our people succeed.

Helping Others Succeed

Too often, we think of success as win/lose. Ironically, it’s really about win/win. We succeed only if those we work with succeed.

Since our success is based on the success of others, it seems that focusing on their success is a winning strategy.

How are you helping your customers succeed?

How are you helping your friends and coworkers succeed?

How are you helping your people succeed?

Author David Brock is president, Partners in Excellence. Read more from David Brock here.