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Dell Releases Monthly Subscription Service for its APEX Managed Service

Dell has introduced a new all-inclusive monthly subscription for its APEX Managed Device Service. The service will cost $70 per device each month and includes support services ranging from accidental damage support to predictive issue detection.

The service is aimed at helping businesses with little or no IT resources, according to the company. The subscription even features tech coaching for team members and access to valuable IT insight reports outlining device health, user experience, and recommendations.

That team can handle all elements of hardware management - from device setup and software implementation to supporting device encryption, platform and device security, in addition to any hardware fixes, the company said.

Dell’s Outsourced IT

This comes at a time when 83 percent of small businesses prioritize outsourcing their devices, security, and overall IT management, according to industry analyst Anurag Agrawal, founder and chief global analyst of Techaisle.

Agrawal continued:

"With Dell APEX Managed Device Service, small businesses have peace of mind knowing their IT needs are handled with Dell's industry-leading IT management and support capabilities. From PC management to device security to expert Dell support, all in a flexible monthly subscription, this newest addition to the Dell APEX lineup delivers the immediate value small businesses need to focus on growing their business, not managing IT."

Growing Outsourced IT Market

Dell’s announcement comes at a time with the global IT outsourcing services market is projected to grow significantly.

More and more, organizations are turning to outsourcing services to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies and take advantage of specialized skills and expertise that aren’t available in-house.

According to one study from Mordor Intelligence, the IT outsourcing market was valued at $526.6 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $682.3 billion by 2027 – a compound annual growth rate of 4.13% during 2022-2027.