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Amazon AWS Cloud Launches Centralized Training, Certification Portal

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and partners can now access cloud training and certification resources in one place via a new portal, the company announced in a recent blog.

The AWS Training and Certification Portal is a central place to enroll in training, register for certification exams, track learning progress and access benefits from certification programs.

“Previously, you had to rely on multiple websites to find and manage training and certification offerings,” AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in the blog. “This makes it easier for you to build your AWS Cloud skills and advance toward AWS Certification.”

Users can create a new account or log in with their existing Amazon retail or AWS account. Anyone who already has an AWS training account can migrate training history into the new portal by signing in and following the prompts.

APN partners can sign on using their existing APN Portal credentials, or they can access the portal using the “training” tab in APN Portal. Previous training history can automatically been migrated to the new portal.

The portal went live on Monday, May 15.

For specific information about how to sign up for training or how to access your existing information, check out the portal’s FAQ page.

About AWS Training

AWS says its training is designed to help customers and their teams get more out of the cloud. Users can attend instructor-led courses to learn best practices, get live feedback and hear expert answers to questions.

Some courses are free, while others have a registration fee.

AWS Certifications go a few steps further to recognize IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on AWS.

APN Partners can take courses to deepen their AWS knowledge, differentiate their businesses, and learn how to better serve customers. Partners can take online accreditation courses for free, and they receive a 20 percent discount on AWS-delivered public classes when they register through the APN Portal.

AWS also offers private, on-site training that is tailored to individual business needs.