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DataGrail CEO: Privacy is a Security Problem

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Privacy is not always synonymous with security, and yet the discipline is at the core of efforts to protect personal information and access.

Why Privacy Now, More Than Ever?

What does this mean for managed service providers? As new laws roll out from states like California, Colorado and Virginia, and new requirements bubble up from companies like Apple and Google, MSPs must be prepared to support compliance internally and for customers.

“Twenty years ago we used on-premise software, and businesses would deploy the software and do updates as needed,” said DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber in an interview with sister brand SC Media. “Today, we’re doing this conversation over Zoom and the software gets updated live over the cloud probably automatically before the end of this conversation. Businesses have moved in that way, too.” With the proliferation of apps “businesses can barely keep track of the applications they’ve purchased, let alone what information is processed by those applications.”

The Privacy Hurdles

DataGrail co-founder and CEO says as privacy laws go into effect January 1 in California, Colorado and Virginia, more organizations will recognize the importance of data privacy in 2023. (Credit: DataGrail)
DataGrail co-founder and CEO  Daniel Barber. (Credit: DataGrail)

That said, Barber acknowledged that while the regulations themselves are a reflection of consumer expectations, they have legal language that make them quite difficult to implement.

While breach notifications and vendor management are more black-and-white, “privacy has legalese which requires inter-departmental cooperation between both the security organization and legal or privacy teams.” The result: businesses struggle to align or assign a correct owner for privacy, which in turn creates issues around execution.

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Jill Aitoro

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