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World Cinema Announces ServiceNow Partnership


World Cinema – which provides video services to hotels – has partnered with ServiceNow to help it improve customer experience.

World Cinema says it will use ServiceNow to consolidate customer service inquiries onto a single platform for clear and consistent communication and fast time to resolution while reducing costs.

For example, the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM) platforms will allow World Cinema to respond to customer inquiries, such as WiFi connectivity issues at a hotel.

World Cinema Partners With ServiceNow: “Staging Experiences”

Robert Grosz, president, World Cinema, commented:

“We are excited to work with ServiceNow to transform the customer experience. Today more than ever, experiences are going to be remembered, and we are building a new category to create a unique platform for deploying and supporting all technology for guest-centric property owners. We are focused on staging experiences and delivering that experience every time, no exceptions.”

John Ball, senior vice president and general manager, customer and industry workflows at ServiceNow, said:

“World Cinema’s mission to deliver exceptional technology and service experiences to hotels worldwide aligns with ServiceNow’s commitment to simplify complex processes and connect people and systems on a single platform. Together, we will enable hotels to streamline their customer service operations, resolve issues quickly, and ultimately provide the connected and frictionless experiences that guests expect and deserve.”

ServiceNow’s IT Services

ServiceNow has emerged as a preferred IT service management (ITSM) platform for enterprise IT departments — often disrupting BMC and other entrenched software rivals along the way.

In the midmarket, Fully Managed has customized ServiceNow for MSPs and customers. And in small business, Splashtop has made some moves that may bolster the ITSM platform in that market segment.

This has led to a flurry of M&A activity surrounding ServiceNow partners.