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TD Synnex Launches Reseller Dashboard Tool

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TD Synnex, a global IT distributor, has introduced the Partner Health and Fitness tool, designed to offer IT reseller partners insights into their portfolio diversification.

This tool will aid in optimizing high-growth technology offerings, enhancing business opportunities, and furthering digital transformation endeavors, the company announced.

The tool includes a dashboard granting partners the ability to measure their services against others in the TD Synnex network, especially those in sectors like cloud, cybersecurity, AI, IoT, and hyperscale infrastructure. Access to the dashboard is available to those involved with the NextGen or Advanced Solutions portfolio, the company said.

The scoring system utilizes a custom algorithm considering factors like volume, digital growth, and portfolio mix, ensuring partners get a realistic benchmark against their counterparts.

Currently, the tool is available for U.S. partners, with TD Synnex considering expanding to the Americas and Europe, adapting the algorithm for specific regional data.

Partner Health and Fitness Tool: Additional Insight

Stacy Nethercoat, executive vice president, Advanced Solutions, TD SYNNEX
Stacy Nethercoat, executive vice president, Advanced Solutions, TD Synnex

Stacy Nethercoat, executive vice president, Advanced Solutions, TD Synnex, commented:

“At TD Synnex, we are consistently exploring new ways to drive value for our customers, and what better way than to provide them insights into their businesses through the data we see at the center of the technology business partner ecosystem. We know partners have many considerations when trying to identify business opportunities that will maximize growth. This tool provides compelling and actionable competitive insights that can guide their decision-making when it comes to diversifying their portfolios.”

Nethercoat continued:

“Our custom algorithm looks at a multitude of factors, including volume, portfolio mix, digital transformation growth and others, to drive value to partners in through data-driven business insights that only TD Synnex can provide. As a result, partners receive an honest assessment of their benchmark as compared to peers.”

About TD Synnex

TD Synnex, which was formed in 2021 through a merger of Synnex and Tech Data, has been in growth mode of late. In March 2023, the company achieved new Amazon partner status which it said at the time should help accelerate its growth. In December 2022, the company expanded its Google Cloud reach to almost 60 additional countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The company has been leaning into its strategic partnerships in recent years. In November 2021, TD Synnex expanded its security solutions portfolio for partners to work with Qualys.