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ServiceNow Embeds Generative AI Into Now Platform


Digital workflow solutions company ServiceNow announced a major Now Platform expansion with the Now Assist family of solutions. Available in the Now Platform Vancouver release, Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM)Customer Service Management (CSM)HR Service Delivery (HRSD), and Creator embed the power of generative AI across all workflows on the Now Platform to help accelerate productivity, improve experiences, and increase agility for customers, according to a statement from the company. Now Assist is powered by a domain‑specific ServiceNow large language model (Now LLM) based on its own data for enterprises and to enhance data privacy, the company said.

Now Assist incorporates generative AI features such as case, incident, and agent chat summarization, virtual agent, and search capabilities that can be applied to a broad range of scenarios and functions, to support everyone in an organization from employees to agents to developers. Now Assist includes:

  • Now Assist for ITSM is aimed at enterprise IT leaders to improve agent productivity and the employee experience with faster resolutions. Summaries of incident history and live Virtual Agent interactions deliver complete answers instead of search results so agents can resolve issues and requests faster without asking users to repeat themselves. Now Assist for ITSM can also create contextual summaries of incidents and resolution notes, which help organizations implement incident management best practices and resolve more incidents in less time, according to the statement.
  • Now Assist for CSM streamlines the customer service process by rapidly generating summaries for cases and chats to reduce manual work and allow agents to resolve customer issues faster. Customers also benefit from an improved self‑service experience, with access to resources that help them find answers fast, leading to higher case deflection and cost reduction.
  • Now Assist for HRSD helps HR leaders drive productivity and operational efficiency, reduces redundant, manual tasks for HR teams, and gets employees the answers they need quickly with little disruption to their day. HR managers can handle issues from payroll discrepancies to paperwork changes without needing to sift through loads of information by reviewing instant summaries of case topics, previous history from live chat and Virtual Agent interactions, as well as previous resolutions and actions taken. This gives HR teams the context they need to solve problems quickly and confidently, the company said.
  • Now Assist for Creatohelps development teams create and scale apps more quickly on the Now Platform, according to ServiceNow. Trained on code from ServiceNow engineering, results are designed to be higher quality and more scalable, and the data processed on the platform is more secure than with any other code generation technology, the company claimed. Now Assist for Creator includes the general availability of text‑to‑code, which converts natural language text into high‑quality code suggestions, and in some cases, complete code.

ServiceNow's Generative AI Strategy

ServiceNow’s generative AI strategy supports either general-purpose LLMs or ServiceNow‑developed models. General‑purpose LLMs provide customer flexibility and currently include access to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and the OpenAI API. Domain‑specific LLMs built into the Now platform are designed specifically for ServiceNow’s workflows, use cases, and processes, and are tailored to agents, employees, customers, and IT administrators who use ServiceNow, the company said.

For example, features within Now Assist for Search are powered by a ServiceNow fine‑tuned LLM based on the NVIDIA NeMo framework and served using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software, both part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. These features bring to market new capabilities built from the ServiceNow and NVIDIA partnership announced in May.

“Organizations are seeking a trusted partner to help them navigate this dynamic and fast‑moving era of intelligence,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer, ServiceNow. “ServiceNow has thousands of customers already using the Now Platform to digitize and streamline processes across the enterprise. With our Vancouver release, we’re combining the power of the Now Platform with new generative AI features to bring AI‑driven intelligence to every corner of the business, creating a catalyst for productivity and better enterprise experiences."